A little closer to home

Today is… our 7th anniversary. We are flying today to visit family.

I watched the sun rise in the east and as we now decend into Baltimore for our layover. I am looking down at the houses with all the yards. The big yards unlike in Florida whereat houses are in subdivisions and you own like a foot around your house. I miss having a big yard like that.

Looking down as we take off again on our second flight. I see all the neighborhoods with the dormant trees all around the homes, grey with hibernation for the winter months. I actually miss that. It reminds me of home and my childhood on Long Island. The sound of chainsaws in winter cutting down the trees for firewood and the smell of wood burning stoves and fireplaces all around. That familiar winter smell mixed with the smell of snow. You could actually smell when it was going to snow. Sometimes I get that scent in Florida but it always means rain there.

That was life in our little tri hamlet area on the south shore of Long Island not too far from the beach. We spent summers on Smith’s Point beach or at Shirley town beach on the Great South Bay where I took swimming lessons as a kid. Summers waiting daily for the ice cream man to come and begging my mom for money to get a bomb pop. Or perhaps perhaps at my friend Madeline’s house where her mom would make juice ice cubes with toothpicks in them with the sounds of menudo in the background.

Sometimes I would be playing Barbies or digging around in the dirt mound in front of our house left by the builders playing with my matchbox cars or Star Wars figures. Sometimes I was riding bikes through the many acres of woods and climbing trees with my friends Kenny and David who lived down my street. Good times.

Back then we came home when the street lights came on and didn’t see our families for hours. We rode our bikes to our little town on Neighborhood road to get to the candy store (Benny’s) or John’s pizzeria in summertime. In winter we played for hours in the snow until our little feet were frozen.

Those days of innocence, when did they leave us? I don’t recall the transition, yet we all have varying shades of jadedness from our experiences.

“For all our mutual experience of separate conclusions are the same” -Billy Joel “Summer, Highland Falls”

We are now landing At our destination. I’m looking down at the snow covered ground and frozen lakes of the towns below. While I am in New England and not Long Island I feel a little closer to home.


Love letter to David Morrissey

Friday March 21, 2014 today is… The first day of Mega Con. I am excited to meet Dave Morrissey today. I brought my governor action figure to be autographed.

Dave looked gorgeous today. He wore his famous glasses today as well as a white grey and black checkered shirt. I paid my money and walked up to him looking in awe. He looked up said “hi!” And he looked at my shirt and said “ah I loouve it!l in that beautiful Liverpool accent. I was wearing the “Not my Governor” tank top. I said “thank you.”

Immediately after I told him I was a MorrisseyGirl and his face lot up with a smile and he said “oh yeah? Great!” He then showed me a teddy near the other Morrissey Girls in attendance had given him, he explained. We talked about Michelle, Madeline and Heather and then Vikki. (How she was going to be a grandmother soon). It was a lovely exchange in my opinion and I was just thrilled to be talking to him. He’s so handsome both on screen and in real life. And his voice was just as wonderful in real life as it is on screen. There is nothing lost in translation!

Eric took multiple pictures while our exchange was going on. I am thrilled to have those pictures even though you can only see the back of my head. The main attraction is Dave anyway! Him and his gorgeous smile.

March 22, 2014
Today is…the second day of MegaCon. Today is my photo op with Dave. 12:30 pm. I barely made it the traffic was so bad getting in there MegaCon was packed!! Wall to wall people

I met another MorrisseyGirl Dave’s photo op line. Her name was Maryann. We chatted all about Dave while we waited for our turn to get our pic. Dave wore a green Hurley t shirt with A wide open button down short. He looked awesome. Not shaven of course. He looks great either way shaven or not. :)

I took my turn and took my place next to Dave. His arm around me and mine around him for that brief moment. It was nice I have to say. All 20 seconds of it. I was told by the lady organizing us that he smelled great but I can’t remember what he smelled like!! Boo!!! I was too nervous to sneak a sniff I guess. Lol.

I tweeted Dave earlier in the am asking if after the walking dead panel he would be willing to take a group photo with Michelle, Heather, Madeline and myself.

He tweeted back “yep, it’s a pretty full day for me but if I have time, no worries.”

The Walking dead panel was such a cluster. I couldn’t find the end of the line and kind of jus ended up blending in in the 7 deep crowd that passed for a line. They opened all the doors at once and people poured in like water in a flood zone. So disorganized and stressful. But I was happy to be inside at any rate. Unfortunately some of the Morrissey girls didn’t make it in. :( Boo!

The panel consisted of Dave, Danai,(Michonne) Emily Kinney (Beth) , Steven Yeun (Glen) and soniqua Martin Greene (Sasha) ( know I butchered her name, sorry.) The panel was great. Lots of interesting answers given. The ladies all looked beautiful. But then Danai and Soniqua are both beautiful ladies.

Dave was his usual brilliant self when he answered the questions asked of him and he had many. I recorded part of one of his answers so I could take that voice with me. Lol. I promise I don’t mean that in a creepy way. I’m a nice girl.

So Met up with the girls a little while after I picked up my picture to see if we could get a pic with Dave. The volunteer said his line was capped because it was late in the day and almost closing time. We kind of hung around and converged on the volunteer when his line had about 2-3 people left in it. We waved to get his attention and some type of event or talent manager approached us and we told her Dave was expecting us. She walked up to Dave, said something to him and he looked up and waved us over. :).

He greeted us and came over for the picture. The manager lady took the picture for us. I then said “Dave we have something for you. ” I think he said “you do?” Or something like that.
I gave him the Picture we had taken the day before with the four of is. Madeline wasn’t there unfortunately.

We decided earlier in the day to Autograph the picture. We did so and put our twitter handles underneath our autographs. Lol. He liked it.

Eric and I did some other stuff that day and then went home around 11pm.

Sunday March 23, 2014

Today is… The last day of MegaCon.

The plan was to see Wil Wheatons Q&A , do Wils photo op and then get my Photo op with Dave signed by Dave. There was a slight SNAFU. I forgot my picture at home. After some finagling I was able to buy a reprint.

Last thing before leaving we got in Dave’s line which went fast. I paid my money and stepped up to Dave. He looked up and he looked up and recognized me!! Eric said that he said “oh it’s you again!” (Not in a negative way) and he smiled.

I introduced him to Eric and Dave introduced himself to him saying “I’m David Morrissey of the Morrissey girls.” Lol! I don’t remember if I said anything else to Dave after that because Esther Freud, his wife, caught my eye because she was there.

I looked to her and said. “Hi! I’m reading Love Falls right now” I extended my hand and we shook and I said “so nice to meet you.”

“Are you one of the Morrissey girls? ” I told her yes. She said something about competing with something and I didn’t quite catch it. She seems to be a lovely lady though.

Dave and Eric talked Liverpool while I had my exchange with Esther I am told. He told me later Dave gave him a pat on the back after they talked about Liverpool. Lol.

Dave Morrissey is such a doll and he’s so gracious and handsome. He is a very talented actor and He is a genuinely nice guy. I so enjoyed meeting him.


Buddy’s trip to the vet today

Buddy went to the vet this morning because he wouldn’t eat last night nor would he take food or treats this morning. He vomited last Wednesday evening just before I went to bed.

So he went to the vet and his physical exam was unremarkable. They took some blood and will compare it to blood work drawn at the other vet 2 weeks ago. We will find out results this week. They gave him and appetite stimulant as well which we had out out down his throat because he wouldn’t take a pill pocket.

The vet said to feed him boiled chicken and white rice. Eric sent me a video of Buddy eating his chicken and rice on his pillow. He are like a champ this evening. I am pleased. He’s looking much better than this morning.

Buddy update

I asked to speak with the vet after he examined Buddy today. Everything is status quo with Buddy’s disease. It has neither gotten worse nor gotten better. The vet says Buddy is a happy dog and doing well. We should not expect the cancer to go away completely. The vet did say that his cancer could become resistant to the medication. But for now we will continue current treatment. Now I need to share this with hubby.

So Pretty and So Dark

I may have mentioned before I saw the film So Dark at the Freakshow Film Festival during Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Halloween Weekend and I thought it was really good.  I enjoyed it so much (and met the film makers) that I sought out the first short of the series So Pretty on YouTube.

The film makers are planning a third installment in this short film series.  Please contribute to their  efforts of these locally made films.   They are made in Miami and the Palm Beaches here in Florida. Yes, the train is Miami Metrorail.

Check out the films above and contribute below.

You can contribute to their fun raising efforts here

Buddy Update 1-18-2013

This past  Wednesday I took Buddy to the Oncology vet again.  My appointment was for 1:30 pm, later than I normally like but the day was convenient for me so I took the appointment.

I arrived, with Buddy at 1:25pm and we were not seen until 2pm.  It was quite busy there with a few dogs and cats in the waiting room but mostly people sitting waiting for their pets.  I saw a very sick cat, a gorgous husky/ malamute dog, and some just adorable big floppy eared dogs.

They took us in at 2pm and I spoke briefly with the vet tech that took Buddy.  Buddy was hesitant to go with them that day and kept trying to leave the room.  I told them he has been coughing more lately and they made note of that and took him.  She said they would draw his blood right away and estimated the time would be about 20 minutes. I left him there and went to Aldi’s to get some trash bags.  Then I went onto Pet Smart for some post vet treats for him.  I picked up some crickets for the gekko (The Gekko is a she but we call her Gordon- teens of the 80′s will understand the reference.)   and two Senior Greenies one petite for Buddy and one Regular sized one for Blue.  (we also use Greenies Pill pockets to give Buddy his Palladia and sometimes his famotidine.  I am told that Greenies are like crack to dogs. They love them but Eric thinks they are too hard to digest so I don’t give them very often.

Forty-eight minutes I get a call saying that Buddy is ready.  I arrive and wait about 20 more minutes to get Buddy back and I pay the bill.

Therapy and Expectations on the Discharge note.

  • No notable peripheral lymphadenopathy
  • previously noted Caudal abdominal mass is note noted today

Rectal exam:

  • Firm thickening at the site of previously excised left anal gland (unchanged)
  • Dorsally several enlarged lymph nodes are palpable along the roof of the pelvic canal (unchanged)

Lungs and heart auscultate clear in all fields.

Recheck CBC shows adequate counts to proceed with treatment

We return in another six weeks.  Thankfully I didn’t have to fight too much I-4 traffic on the way home!


The Wave

Just before Christmas my husband and I decided to do the monorail circuit on the Seven Seas Lagoon and visit the three resorts on it and see their Christmas decorations.  Disney always does it up really beautifully.

We made a reservation for The Wave at the Contemporary resort for 7:40 pm.  We arrived very early and decided to board the monorail and go to the Polynesian resort to see the decorations.  You can actually board the monorail inside of the Contemporary resort which I still think is pretty cool.  The seven seas lagoon monorail circuit has stops at the Contemporary Resort, The Ticketing and Transportation area, the Polynesian Resort and The Grand Floridian Hotel and Resort.  The monorail has availability to EPCOT at the ticketing and transportation center where you can board a monorail for EPCOT.

From the monorail deck (4th floor) at The Contemporary Resort.



We arrived at the Polynesian resort and it was lovely.  Christmas trees among the lush Polynesian gardens which inhabit the hotel.  WE had our picture taken with Surfer Minnie and Mickey  So cute.  After we went out to the lagoon beach, it was a bit chilly, and they were showing Lilo and Stitch on a blow up screen out on the beach.  After we took the monorail all the way back around to The Contemporary Hotel where we got off and headed to dinner at The Wave.


The Wave at the Contemporary Resort.


We got a lovely table for two in the first third of the restaurant and were given a food menu, a drink menu and a wine list.  My husband  chose some type of local draft Beer and I chose a Wavesicle.   (4 Orange Vodka, Cointreau, and Nonfat Yogurt with a splash of Orange Juice) Which was delicious.

With his dinner my husband has  Cobb salad and for his entree he had the  Gremolata-crusted Ashley Farms naturally Raised Chicken Breast.  I had the dry rubbed Flat Iron Steak with Potato leek Gratin and winter veggies.  Both were delicious. I recommend my steak for sure.


The service was good although we had two servers because one was being trained.  I thought the one being trained was better than the one doing the training.  The trainer had some snarky stuff to say to us regarding his trainee.  I didn’t like that but let it go.

The Wave is a moderately priced Disney restaurant (compare to The newly renovated California grille where I have eaten twice and hope to eat at again one day,) with entrees from $15 to $29.95 for each adult.  Drinks are Disney expensive.

The Wave Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week.  I highly recommend The Wave as a great place to eat.


What do I dream about?


I dream about visiting London, Liverpool and Dublin.

I dream if returning to Germany and spending more time in a few cities and also visiting Austria.

I dream about returning to Rome and Venice.

I dream of living my life without fear.

I dream of visiting far away friends more often and really reconnecting with them. I dream of the old neighborhood.

I dream if taking a vacation twice a year instead of just a weekend here and there. I haven’t taken a good vacation since 2010.

I dream of visiting Santorini

I dream of a life with less physical and emotional pain. I do not wish for none because then I would not be human.

I dream of moving to the west coast of Florida and living a life a little closer to the beach life I adore. Or maybe just maybe living as an expatriot for a while.

I dream of losing the 15 lbs that I gained back during the last half of the year.   I like to think of it as the freshman 15.  Meaning the  15 lbs gained during my first year as an RN.  LOL

I dream of a life where I am not limited by asthma.

I dream of having a career where I can be self employed doing something I really love instead of always what it practical.

I dream of going to MegaCon and meeting David Morrissey in 2014.

I dream of:

…taking voice lesions and improving my god given talent.

…. things bothering me less.

…Of more time spent with friends

…working less and living more

…Of more life being lived

… Being a tad frivolous. (Working in that one. Lol)

… Of adopting a lovely child.

… Of being less hard in myself. And not letting my mothers negativity weigh on me like it does so often.

… Cutting toxic people out of my life. Keeping the good ones.

…Using Skype more

…. Being a better blogger.

… My dogs cancer to go away.

… Feeling more comfortable in my own skin.

… Feeling beautiful more often.

Why Screwing things up is cruical to my Well being.

Okay…  Seems counter intuitive but I can see where this may be true.

At its heart, perfectionism is rooted in feelings of shame and inadequacy.

Those of us who suffer from it are afraid that we’re not worthy of being respected and loved for our natural, unedited selves. There are many reasons why this happens, but the consequence is that we always feel the need to justify ourselves and our actions.

We also feel we must prove ourselves, over and over again; we’re never good enough just as we are.

Talk about a recipe for depression, stress, and burnout. (Well no wonder!)

A 2008 Psychology Today article titled “Pitfalls of Perfectionism” states, “[T]he biggest problem with perfection may be that it masks the real secret of success in life. Success hinges less on getting everything right than on how you handle getting things wrong.”

That is totally me.  What if I REALLY got that?? I’d be unstoppable.  I’ve been criticized most of my life mostly by my mother and of course that mother criticism is everything. My opinion of myself is basically my mothers opinion of me. It puts a pallor over all parts of my life.   Despite everything I have accomplished I still go right back to that poor opinion of me that my mother has.  Which she can’t let me forget nor stop bringing up.  It is absolutely something I have to work on.

 No, i’m not really worried about her reading this because she already knows this.   That is why we are not really speaking right now.  Read on in this interesting article.

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