Has social networking made us antisocial

Antisocial as defined by the dictionary (among other definitions) is opposed to or detrimental to social order or principals on which society is constituted. Or pertaining to a pattern of behavior in which social norms and the rights of others are persists fly violated.


This article talks about the anxiety that people get from social networking.

It’s very true. I have been a victim to comparing my self and my life to what I see on Facebook (my friends there). And it is just not good for self esteem. Too much keeping up with the Jones and making your life seem fun and interesting. It’s hard work but I’ve stopped doing it. If people do not find me interesting thats their problem.

Social networking makes us feel as if we have hundreds of friends when in reality, most of us do not have hundreds of friends. My “friends list” consists of co-workers (some of which I wouldn’t trust with my life), “friends” from high school some of which I barely spoke to or they barely spoke to me while in said high school. Now we are all best of friends. Ridiculous. We would like to think so wouldn’t we?

My next major group of friends is people I actually know in real life. Some people in this group encompasses people in the other groups but I know them all. I have four people as “friends” that I have never met in person per say but have met online through a blog, a chat room (does anyone really use a chat room anymore?) or through a close friend. (and many times they are filtered out of some posts) A few of that last group I have known for years And some I have actually gone on to meet in real life and I am so glad I did! I am happy to call them friends!

I used to worry if I wasn’t tagged in a post and would feel left out. But lately I am glad to be left out of these posts because I don’t need nor want the drama.

Remember the bad old days when bullying was done face to face in the street or at the bus stop or even in the halls at school. You could face your bully. Now kids (and not just gay kids) are killing themselves because bullies are now “cyber bullying.” (or psychological bullying) It’s getting way out of hand and needs to be persecuted. However, even with states with bullying laws many don’t have laws that apply to cyber bullying only cyber harassment. And rarely do they include off campus behavior. it’s tough enough to be a kid these days….

Don’t get me wrong, I think FB is a valuable tool in this day and age to keep in contact with old friends, share pictures and get support (if u get in a support group or same interest group) I probably wouldn’t know what is going on with half my friends or see as many pictures of vacations or new babies or weddings etc.

However, FB can also be a source of drama, and a political mine field. Several times I have gotten into debates with friends of friends who have different political viewpoints than mine (mainly immigration and healthcare) on FB and it can get nasty. I’m trying very hard not to do that anymore because it doesn’t make me feel good to be told that I am wrong in someone else’s opinion. Because I think they are wrong as well. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve gotten into pissing matches with tools that post horrible things on animal activism posts just (them) to be a contrary fool.

In someways not only Facebook but also technology has really become a tool for communication. My phone rarely rings anymore and I haven’t received a letter from a friend since the late 90’s. Gone is the art of putting pen to paper- now its fingers to keyboard. Even I am guilty of this. People don’t even send paper invitations anymore it’s all done on Facebook or Evite. Some real Life friends I have I can’t get in touch with them except through Facebook because they rarely look at their phones. It can be a bit frustrating when trying to make plans. Such is life, I guess.

I long for simpler times. I miss the days of letters and phone calls. I miss getting invitations in the mail for parties. I used to write people letters all the time when I was much younger before the mainstreaming of email. I kept in touch with friends for years this way.

Remember the days of writing notes, folding them up in creative ways and passing them to your friends in the hallways of school? I do, that made school much more fun. I even had one friend that I kept a notebook with and we would write each other notes in it and pass it back and forth throughout the day for weeks and weeks. I still have some of those pages and they bring back great memories.



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