Can facebook get you fired?

What you post on Facebook can get you fired. It seems that the constitution only protects your free speech from governmental interference but in the private sector however it is management discretion of what is protected. Which means next to nothing. Read this article.

Even just “liking” the wrong thing can get u fired so I find out. Apparently the rationale for this is if you like something it must be your opinion. Check out this article:

This is especially true if you associate yourself with your employer. Apparently what you say can be construed as representative of your employer and they can fire you for your statements especially ones that are separating to your company or boss.

There also is no law against rejecting a prospective employee for the content of their Facebook page, statements pictures and all. It’s still a major gray area.

Are you free to complain about work online? Sure. Can you be fired for it? Yes but it depends on what you say and how your boss accesses that information. Check out this article:

Many companies are adopting Social Media Policies already.

Social media dos and dont’s:


    Make sure your Facebook page is clean before a job interview.

    Use common sense. Remember web pages can be achieved and ask yourself “do I really want this comment to be forever associated with me in cyberspace?

    Do use FB privacy settings. CHECK THEM OFTEN. FB is forever changing their privacy settings and what was once for friends can now be for the general public overnight. Encourage your friends to use the privacy settings wisely.

    Use discretion when connecting with people. Verify friend or follower requests. Know who you are sharing your information with.

Social media dont’s :

    Don’t friend your boss, but if you do keep the page PG. all to often people are “friends” with their boss on FB and it could bite them in the butt later. So even of you think your boss is cool Don’t friend them. You may regret it

    Don’t lie to your boss and then post evidence to the contrary on your Facebook page. I have know. People to call in sick to work and post pictures of what they did that day on their Facebook page. Uh, duh!

    Don’t use sexually explicit or potentially harassing language when talking about co-workers.

    Don’t bad mouth your company on a work computer or company issued mobile phone. How about don’t bad mouth your company online at all.

    Don’t associate your FB profile with your employer. BAD IDEA. Don’t “check in” to your job. You will become associated with your employer.

    Don’t tag people in private pictures because all of their friends can see the pictures as well. In that same vein, don’t let unflattering photographs be tagged. You can untag any photo you are tagged in.

    Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want the general public to see. FB is always changing privacy settings and what was once private or for Friends Only can become public overnight. Filter or eliminate your exhibitionist friends who do not use privacy settings. If they don’t care about their privacy they probably won’t care about yours either.

I have my privacy settings pretty tight. I do a lot of filtering with people I do not know well and frequently with co-workers that I do not trust. I try really hard not to post pics that are unflattering of me or my friends.

This information also goes for twitter, and the nearly defunct mySpace (does anyone use that anymore?)


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