A friend of mine recently started doing a podcast.  His podcast examines the world through arts and entertainment.

“Will30 will look at our world through arts and entertainment.

I have always been of the persuasion that cultures are not best defined and understood by their politics, economics, and sociology; but rather by the art and entertainment that they produce.

I believe that the arts inspire the world. Through the arts we can better understand where we are as a culture, and more importantly, where we are going. These will be the topics of Will30.”

I love this podcast and not just because my friend does it.  This is really a smart, intelligently spoken look at the world through arts and entertainment.  He talks about literature, movies, TV, racism, education and sports from the angle of arts and entertainment.  He makes a lot of good points and what he believes may not always be popular but he is not afraid to say it. I applaud that.  Check it out.  Listen to one then listen to them all.  He’s on hiatus right now but I am sure he will be back soon and their are 13 episodes already available.   Check him out.  You can access Will30 on Spreaker radio, his website or you can subscribe on iTunes for free.


Spreaker Radio- Will30

A Garrett Williams – his literature website. (he’s also a writer) You can download his work for both Kindle and Nook


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