Have you ever just stopped to watch nature? I love to watch nature. At work we have a family of sucks that year after year they bring new ducklings into
The world and it is always a pleasure to watch them tail their mother as she leads them over a hill or across the road. They are so adorable to watch. I’ve even put my car across two lanes of traffic to help mama cross the road with her little charges, safely. I love to see them year after year.

On my way to work there is a pasture where there is a constant rotation of cows. White cows, brown cow, big one and little ones. I always enjoy seeing them, especially when a new set of babies come in. Mini cows are the cutest.

They all just stand out there and graze and chew their cud. Sometimes you will find them, both older and younger cows, climbing the mount of dirt that is there, like little mountain goats scaling a rock face. It is a pleasure to watch these cows do their thing. Sometimes in that same field there is a lone brown horse with a beautiful mane and tail. It always makes me happy to see them each day on my way to and from work.


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