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Horror Series: Halloween

Horror Series  Halloween


I could never appreciate this series of films until I got married and my husband got me to watch this set of films.  Now I love them.  We recently completed our series by buying Halloween 4 and 5 on Blu-ray.


Halloween (1978)


This is the movie which started the series and is the mother of all slasher films to come in the future.  Created on a very low budget by horror master John Carpenter and Debra Hill, this movie tells the story of Laurie Strode, played by, Jamie Leigh Curtis in her first film role.  This, combined with The Fog, Prom Night and Terror train earned her the title of “scream queen” It is a well deserved title.


The film is set in the fictional town of Haddonfield, Illinois.  On Halloween night in 1963, six year old Michael Myers stabs his sister, Judith Myers, to death with a kitchen knife while wearing a clown Halloween costume.  Fifteen years later he escapes from the Smith Grove psychiatric hospital where he has been a patient since the murders.  He returns to stalk Laurie Strode and her friends.  While at the hospital he was under the care of  Dr. Samuel Loomis, played by the consummate actor, Donald Pleasance, in an amazing coup by the films producers.  He was the highest paid actor at $20,000 for a few days work.


The film culminates in Michael, trapping Laurie in a closet and Loomis shooting Michael 6 times in the chest making him fall over the balcony of the Strode home.  The camera pans to the ground and it reveals that Michael is not there.


“I met him, fifteen years ago. I was told there was nothing left. No reason, no conscience, no understanding; even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, good or evil, right or wrong. I met this six-year-old child, with this blank, pale, emotionless face and, the blackest eyes… the *devil’s* eyes. I spent eight years trying to reach him, and then another seven trying to keep him locked up because I realized what was living behind that boy’s eyes was purely and simply… evil.”


This movie has a great opening tracking shot showing the action from the POV of Michael Myers as he  enters his home from the outdoors , walks up the stairs and stabs his sister.  I love this shot. John Carpenter has said that this is one long tracking shot filmed with an unmounted camera.


The score for Halloween was written by John Carpenter himself, in 5/4 time.  John Carpenter plays the bongos and based the score on this rhythm.



Halloween 2 (1981)


This is the second film in the series which picks up right where the first film left off on that same Halloween night.  Laurie Strode is in the hospital and Michael follows her there.  In this sequel, we learn that Laurie Stode is Michael’s younger sister.  Michael peruses her in the hospital and she barely escapes and is driven away in a ambulance  as she has visions of Michael burning.


It’s a pretty simple plot which sheds some light on why Michael Myers came after Laurie and her friends.




Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. (1982)


All I can say about this film is WTF?   Why did they even make this film?  The very thing that makes these films popular is absent from the plot.  Exploding masks, really??  I’ve only watched this movie once, although I do own it, and maybe that’s why I think it sucks.  Perhaps I am missing nuances that I could gain from further viewing. You tell me.


From Wikipedia

“On Saturday, October 23, shop owner Harry Grimbridge (Al Berry) is chased by mysterious figures wearing business suits. He collapses at a filling station clutching a Silver Shamrock jack-o’-lantern mask and is driven to the hospital by the station attendant (Essex Smith) all the while ranting, “They’re going to kill us. They’re going to kill us all.” Grimbridge is placed in the care of Dr. Dan Challis. Another man in a suit (Dick Warlock) enters Grimbridge’s hospital room and kills him, then goes to his car and kills himself through self-immolation.


Dr. Challis and Grimbridge’s daughter, Ellie, investigate the incident leading them to the small town of Santa Mira, California, home of the Silver Shamrock Novelties factory. Hotel manager Rafferty (Michael Currie) reveals the source of the town’s prosperity is Irishman Conal Cochran and his factory and that the majority of the town’s population are descendants of Irish immigrants. Challis learns that Ellie’s father stayed at the same hotel. Other hotel guests are shop owners Marge Guttman (Garn Stephens) and Buddy Kupfer (Ralph Strait), Buddy’s wife Betty (Jadeen Barbor) and their son Little Buddy (Bradley Schacter). All have business at the factory and eventually meet gruesome ends through the Silver Shamrock masks and the men in suits.


A day after arriving in Santa Mira, Challis and Ellie tour the factory with the Kupfers and are alarmed to discover Grimbridge’s car there, guarded by more men dressed in suits. They return to the hotel but cannot contact anyone outside the town. Ellie is kidnapped by the men in suits. Challis breaks into the factory to find her and discovers that the men in suits are androids created by Cochran. Challis is captured by the androids and Cochran reveals his plan to kill children on Halloween night. The Silver Shamrock trademark on the masks contains a computer chip containing a fragment of Stonehenge. When the Silver Shamrock television commercial airs on Halloween night, the chip will activate, killing the wearer and unleashing a lethal swarm of insects and snakes, killing those around the wearer. Cochran explains his plan to resurrect macabre aspects of Gaelic festival Samhain, which he connects to witchcraft.


Challis escapes and rescues Ellie. They destroy the factory and Cochran, then flee the town. While driving away, Challis is attacked by “Ellie”, causing him to crash his car. He finds that she is an android copy and destroys it in a brief struggle. On foot, Challis returns to the filling station, where Ellie’s father had come to eight days earlier, and contacts the television stations, convincing all but one to remove the commercial. Challis screams into the telephone to stop the commercial as the film abruptly ends.”



Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)


Yes as the title indicated this is indeed the return of Michael Myers after than nonsensical Season of the Witch. Donald Pleasence returns as Samuel LoomisMichael Myers has been in a coma after surviving an explosion at the end of Halloween 2.  Michael learns that Laurie has died in a car accident and that she has a daughter, Jamie, (who is conveniently forgotten about in Halloween: H20) who is living with her foster family in Haddonfield. He escapes


After school, Rachel and  a new teenage Lindsey Wallace, (Where is Tommy Doyle?) take Jamie to buy ice cream, a Halloween costume and Michael has already arrived to Haddonfield, and almost attacks Jamie in the drug store. That night, Rachel and Jamie go trick-or-treating and Michael goes to the electrical substation and murders a worker by throwing him into live high voltage parts, plunging the town into darkness.  Rachel discovers her boyfriend Brady cheating on her with the Sheriff’s daughter, Kelly, and loses Jamie. After being chased by Myers, Rachel meets up with Jamie and both are found by the Sheriff and Dr. Loomis who warns them about Michael.


Jamie is perused by Michael   and many people die.  Jamie, in the end wearing her clown costume follows her mother, who is in the bathroom drawing her bath, and she puts on the mask and stabs her mother to death.


I quiet enjoyed this movie.


Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)


This installment takes place exactly one year after the events of Halloween 4.  Jamie is in a children’s psychiatric hospital unable to speak due to the trauma of last years events.  Michael or rather “the shape” has returned to murder his niece, Jamie. A few red herrings and a never explained “stranger” or “man in black” and Michael Myers is temporarily subdued, taken to the police station for holding and he is discovered by Jamie to be gone at the end of the movie.


I thought that this movie was kind of a stinker.  I heard it was rushed into production without a solid script and it shows. I did’t like the the Myers house wasn’t the same as it was in the first film.


Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later


This film is a direct sequel to Halloween and Halloween 2 which is why Jamie never exists in this installment of the series.  It is 20 years later and Laurie after having faked her death, is living with the horror of events of that Halloween night. Laurie partially believes that her brother is still alive and will one day return.  Laurie has a son, John are living in Northern California and Laurie is the headmistress of a exclusive boarding school.  (Janet Leigh makes an appearance as the schools secretary)


Michael finds Laurie and proceeds to stalk her, wanting to end her life.  The first murder occurs at Laurie’s son’s Halloween party.  Laurie comes face to face with Michael and her and Will decide that they will kill Michael Myers once and for all.


Laurie stabs Michael multiple times causing him to fall over a balcony. She approaches his body and pulls one of the knives out of his chest. She slowly raises the knife high above her head, preparing to bring it down on Michael and kill him, but before she can deliver the final blow, Ronny suddenly appears, apparently having survived the accidental shooting, and grabs her. He manages to restrain her from attacking the seemingly dead Michael and drags her out of the cafeteria.


The police come and put Michael’s corpse in a body bag, loading it into a coroner’s van. Laurie, knowing that Michael is very hard to kill and not believing that he is really dead, grabs the axe from earlier and an officer’s pistol and steals the coroner’s van with Michael’s body in the back. While driving away, Michael sits up and escapes the body bag, trying to kill her again. She slams on the brakes, throwing him through the windshield. She then tries unsuccessfully to run him over. The vehicle tumbles down a cliff but she escapes, while Michael gets trapped between it and a tree. Laurie recovers the axe and walks to where he is pinned. He reaches out to her, apparently seeking forgiveness and compassion. At first it seems she will accept this, and begins reaching out to him, but then she slowly pulls her hand back and with one swing decapitates Michael, finally killing him. Michael’s head, still concealed by the mask, rolls down the hill.


This film is considered as the official ending of the series.  The plot point of Laurie faking her death explains her death in Halloween 4.


Halloween Resurrection (2002)


This film builds upon the events of H20.  In this sequel a group of people are in a reality show in which they have to spend the night at the Myers house which is going to be broadcast online.


From Wikipedia

“Three years after the events that happened in California, Laurie Strode had been sent to a psychiatric hospital after it is revealed that she had beheaded a paramedic instead of Michael; the paramedic had located the body of Myers in the dining hall of Laurie’s school, but Myers had attacked the paramedic, crushed his larynx so he wouldn’t cry out and forcefully switched clothing and his mask. Myers then goes into hiding for the next three years.

On October 31, 2001, still in captivity, Laurie pretends to be heavily medicated, behaving as though she had extreme dissociative disorder. In fact, she hides her pills and prepares herself for the inevitable confrontation with Michael. Meanwhile a security guard named Willie finds his boss’ decapitated skinned head in the washing machine and is then killed when Michael slits his throat. When Michael finally appears, Laurie lures him into a trap, as she attempts to kill Myers, she second guesses herself, to make sure that it is really her brother this time. Myers takes advantage, and stabs her in the back on the roof. She then kisses him and finally says, “I’ll see you in hell” and falls to the ground to her death. Michael then returns home to stay. His mission is complete after over twenty years of searching and hunting Laurie down.

The following year on October 30, 2002, Michael is living in a section of tunnels below his childhood house. Six college students – Bill Woodlake, Donna Chang, Jen Danzing), Jim Morgan, Rudy Grimes, and Sara Moyer – win a competition to appear on an Internet reality show directed by Freddie Harris and his assistant, Nora Winston, in which they have to spend a night in the childhood home of Michael Myers. Their mission is to find out what led him to kill. Sara’s friend Myles “Deckard” Barton watches the broadcast during a Halloween party. On the day of Halloween, they start to search the entire house for something that can provide a clue to Michael’s past, and decide to separate into three groups to cover more areas. The event goes horribly wrong as Michael returns home, and kills Charley the cameraman by stabbing him in the neck with a camera tripod. Later on, Bill is stabbed in the head, Donna is impaled on a metal spike, Jen is decapitated, Jim’s head is crushed, Rudy duels with Michael and is pinned to a door with 3 knives and off screen, Nora is strangled with a cord and stabbed in the stomach. All these people die, and Myles realizes the deaths are real while the rest of the party claims they are staged. When Myles starts helping Sara get out the house, Freddie runs into her and also helps ‘kill’ Michael. Michael survives and stabs Freddie. When Sara fights Michael with a chainsaw, she cuts some sparking wires which start a blaze. After this, Freddie arrives and fights with Michael and electrocutes him, then manages to save Sara’s life as she is trapped under tables of heavy wires. Michael’s house is burned to the ground as Freddie and Sara flee.

In the final scene of the movie, Michael’s body is sent to the morgue. As the coroner opens the body bag, Michael’s eyes suddenly open showing that he is still alive and a scream can be heard.”

The Myers house  again isn’t the same as in the first movie which is disappointing.  How hard would it have been to recreate the same house?  This movie was enjoyable for me.


Halloween 2007

Rob Zombie’s version of the original Halloween was very good in my opinion. This movie delves deeper into Michael myers backstory which explains how he came to stab his sister that fateful Halloween night in 1963


Halloween 2 (2009)

I didn’t enjoy this movie at all.  I walked out of the theater wanting my money back.  After such a good Rob Zombie remake I thought that this movie would be stellar, but I was really wrong.




Remember When we rented from Video Stores??

Remember when we used to go to a store to rent videos??  I find it difficult to wrap my head around the fact that the phenomenon of the video store began and ended in my lifetime.

When I was a kid we patronized mom and pop video stores.  There was a video store on Route 112 in Medford, NY and one on Montauk Highway in Patchogue, NY that we used to patronize all the time.  Every store was basically the same.   You walk in a glass door to find rows and rows and every wall space filled with rectangular video boxes and movie posters.  Some offered microwave popcorn, candy and soda.  Some of the stores also had “the back room” for the adult movies usually with a curtain or beads to keep the kids out.  I have so many great memories of perusing those shelves in search of something to watch.

The process was simple.  You turned over your drivers license and a credit card and they gave you a video rental card.  This gave you the right to rent video of your choosing.  Of course, back then we had to use our parents card to rent because we couldn’t get our own.  We also had to have special permission on file to rent R rated movies. My friends and I rented mostly horror movies and watched them at night during sleepovers.  I had one friend who’s mom also enjoyed horror movies so she would take us to the video store and rent a couple of low budget 80’s horror movie.  The lower the budget the better the film was back then.

There would always be that “be Kind, rewind” sticker on the video tape although.  I remember when they sold special VCR tape rewinders.

Then came a time when big chain video stores made their appearance.  Blockbuster, West Coast Video, Movie Gallery etc.  The Mom and Pop video stores began to disappear, sadly.  I disliked Blockbuster right from the start.  They had a very homogenized selection of videos there and it got worse as their history moved on.  I loved West Coast video because they always had what I was looking for and you didn’t pay until you brought your video’s back.   That was really cool. Of course, there was a sticker on each video reminding you that if you didn’t rewind the video you would be charged $.50.

With the advent of Netflix, video stores got less and less business and even Blockbuster later got into the mail order video rental game. I was guilty of joining Netflix and have been a member for years enjoying the convenience of having a “Queue” in which I could pre-select my movies and have them automatically shipped to me as I returned them.  And it was an unlimited number of rentals for one low monthly fee for which you could have three movies home at one time.  I watched hundreds of movies this way when I was single. An amazing deal.
Then netflix decided to play with their service and pricing structure. Offering only streaming or only mail order for a lesser price or you could maintain streaming and mail order for a slightly higher price.  At this point my usage had gone down after I got married so I was forced to pay the same price for less service.

Then came RedBox.  Whoever invented this was a genius.  Go to a box, look for a movie, pay a low price, receive a movie.  No memberships needed.  I also use redbox.  But there are pros and cons for each rental option.

Pros and Con’s of Netflix and redbox

Netflix Pro’s

  • Mail order convenience.
  • Great selection of new, old, obscure movies.
  • Streaming option
  • Ability to “queue” movies and shows for rental with automatic shipping as movies are returned.
  • Tv series available for streaming and mail rental.
  • Some games.


  • Change in pricing . service structure.
  • Not a terribly great selection of streaming movies available.
Red Box Pro’s

  • Quick video rental on a whim
  • Low price
  • Games available.
  • Rent from and return to any redbox location.


  • Not a great selection

Horror Series: April Fools Day (1986)

Get Ready to party until you drop.

April Fools Day is one of my all time favorite “horror” movies.  I used to have this poster that I poached from a video store (remember those? Another relic of the past gone forever thanks to Netflix and Red box) hung proudly on my purple bedroom walls next to my poster of my beloved two Corey’s.

Rich college student, Muffy St John has her friends, Harvey, Nikki, Rob, Skip, Nan, Kit and Arch, to her remote private mansion for a weekend get together during  Spring Break to celebrate their final year in school.  The beginning of the movie shows Muffy getting things ready for the party and she remembers a Jack-in-the-box from her childhood (figures in later in the movie) and many other eerie jokes such as heroin paraphernalia in a guest room, a recording of a crying baby.

Her friends start to mysteriously disappear and the group discovers that there is no way to get off the island until Monday.  The remainder of the people of the group believes that Muffy has an insane twin sister, Buffy when they find Muffy’s severed head in a basement.  Muffy has never been on the island they believe.  (The accident with the deckhand was just a red herring)

It is revealed that the whole movie was fake but rather a staged weekend of horror for her friends. Each “victim” agreed to take part as things were explained to them.   They celebrate with champagne.

Muffy later finds the jack-in-the-box gift wrapped on her bed after the celebration.  She opens it, turns the crank and when the jack pops up, Nan comes from behind and slits her throat with a razor.  Muffy is terrified but soon realizes that she is not bleeding.  Her friends “got” her back for the weekend’s events.

This movie is really an early commentary on the 80’s slasher film.  This film has twists and turns that you don’t see coming.  Part murder mystery and part slasher film it has something for everyone.

It’s pretty tame for todays standards but this movie scared me because you think everything is real (in the story) until the big reveal and then you think that Muffy really gets her throat slashed at the end and you have to laugh with relief. When watching this film remember it’s the journey, not the destination that is important.

It is said that there is a a straight-to-DVD remake but I haven’t seen it.


  • Jay Baker – Harvey Edison, Jr.
  • Deborah Foreman – Muffy/Buffy St. John
  • Deborah Goodrich – Nikki Brashares
  • Ken Olandt – Rob Ferris
  • Griffin O’Neal – Skip St. John
  • Leah Pinsent- Nan Youngblood
  • Clayton Rohner – Chaz Vyshinski
  • Amy Steel – Kit Graham
  • Thomas F. Wilson – Arch Cummings

Horror Series: Suspiria



Suspiria is an old 1977 horror film by Dario Argento, that I saw for the first time at a cast party for a one act play I was in college.  Suspiria weaves a menacing tale of witchcraft as a fairy tale gone horribly awry

 Plot: (from Wikipedia only because I haven’t seen it in a long while. And I unfortunately do not own it)

An American ballet student, Suzy Banyon , arrives from her flight in Munich, Germany on a stormy night to enroll in a prestigious dance academy (The Tans academy)  in Freiburg. After Suzy is unable to gain access into the academy, she decides to spend the night in town. Meanwhile, Pat Hingle , a former student who is expelled from the academy and seen leaving the academy in a somewhat frightened mood by Suzy, finds refuge at a friend’s apartment in town. After Pat locks herself inside of the bathroom, a mysterious arm smothers Pat against the glass and repeatedly stabs her with a large knife and then graphically disembowels her. Her friend overhears her screaming and tries to scream for help, although nobody replies. Pat is then bound with a cord before she is hung in mid-air after crashing through a large stained-glass ceiling. Her friend is killed directly below by the falling glass and metal.

Upon Suzy’s arrival at the academy the next morning, she is introduced to Madame Blanc and Miss Tanner . She is escorted to the ballet students’ locker room, where she meets Sarah and Olga, the latter with whom she has arranged to stay with off-campus. The following morning, Blanc offers Suzy a dormitory room, but she declines Blanc’s offer. After a strange encounter with the academy’s cook , Suzy seemingly struggles before fainting during a lesson. Later that night, Suzy awakens to discover that she has been moved into a dormitory room against her wishes. The doctors then tell Suzy that she is to be “medicated” with a glass of wine daily. Suzy befriends Sarah after the two are roomed together. As Suzy and the rest of the students prepare for dinner, hundreds of maggots fall from the ceiling. The students are told this was due to spoiled food boxed in the attic. The girls are then invited to sleep in the practice hall overnight. During the night, Sarah identifies a distinctive whistling snore as that of the school’s director, who is not due to return to the academy for several weeks.

The next morning, Tanner orders Daniel to leave the academy immediately after his guide dog bites Albert. Later that night, Sarah overhears the teacher’s footsteps and begins to count them whilst Suzy becomes irresistibly drowsy and falls asleep. Meanwhile, while Daniel and his guide dog cross a plaza within the city, Daniel senses a strange presence. Suddenly, his seemingly calm dog lunges at Daniel and tears his throat out, killing him. The next day, Suzy recalls the words “iris” and “secret” from Pat’s mumbling before leaving the academy. Later that night, Suzy and Sarah go for a swim while Sarah reveals to Suzy that she and Pat were close friends, and recalls that Pat had been “talking strangely for some time”. The two girls search for Pat’s notes in Sarah’s room, but they appear to have been stolen. Suzy suddenly becomes drowsy and falls asleep before Sarah flees to the attic after hearing approaching footsteps. Sarah is chased by an unseen pursuer and, thinking she will be able to escape through a window into another room, falls into a huge pile of barbed wire. Becoming entangled, she struggles in anguish until a mysterious black-gloved hand of a dark figure appears and slits her throat.

The following morning, Blanc and Tanner inform Suzy that Sarah has abruptly left the academy. Confused and suspicious, Suzy goes to meet one of Sarah’s acquaintances, a psychologist named Dr. Mandel , who explains that the academy was founded by Helena Markos, a cruel Greek émigré who was widely believed to be a witch. Dr. Mandel’s colleague, Professor Millus, then tells Suzy that a coven can only survive with their queen. Upon Suzy’s return to the academy that night, she discovers that all of the students have gone to the theater. She overhears the footsteps Sarah identified before and follows them to Blanc’s office. She suddenly recalls Pat’s mumbling after discovering irises painted all over the walls of Blanc’s office. After entering a hidden passage, she discovers Blanc, Tanner and the staff forming a ritual where they plot Suzy’s death. Unseen, Suzy then turns to find Sarah’s body nailed to a coffin. Frightened, Suzy then sneaks into another room, where she accidentally awakens a shadowy figure who reveals herself as Helena Markos. Helena then orders Sarah’s nearby corpse to rise from the dead to murder Suzy. Suzy then stabs Helena with one of the room’s decorative knives, which appears to kill her (she fades from view screaming) and Sarah’s reanimated corpse. Helena’s demise causes the building to set alight. As the academy is slowly destroyed with the coven inside, Suzy manages to escape before the entire building catches on fire.

This movie left an impression on me and introduced me to Dario Argento horror films.  The most amazing scene to me is when Sarah falls into the Barbed wire room.

This film is pretty violent and brutal and it is banned in Germany for it’s violence and graphic brutality (for which Argento is famous for)  which is ironic since it takes place in Munich, GA.

This movie is bloody, gory, and scary from start to finish.  If you haven’t seen it, rent this immediately.

Horror Series: Final Destination series.

Today I popped in the next to last of the Final Destination series The Final Destination just for fun.  This prompted my retrospective of the Final Destination series.

These movies are just plain fun.  At the time this series of movies came out they were unique in that they had a killer that was unseen and that killer was good old death. This movie relies heavily on themes of, premonition, fate and predestination in regards to death. This was a fresh and interesting idea in horror.  They also have the best opening scenes in any horror movie I have seen in recent memory.

Final Destination  (2000)

A group of kids are going on their senior trip to France when Alex has a premonition that something awful is about to happen. In his minds eye he sees the plane, flight 180, explode and his friends die. He wakes up and see’s the events beginning to unfold in reality he freaks out and demands to be let off the plane.  He is forced off the plane with the friends that are forced to go with him.  They friends turn to watch the plane explode before their eyes.  Tod dies by hanging and the friends begin to figure out that they were supposed to die on the plane . They learn from Bludworth (played by the amazing Tony Todd) that they have cheated death and death will be back for them, somewhere, somehow and in their original intended order.   This is proven when they meet their deaths one by one with the exception of Alex Browning and Clear Rivers.

I love this installment of the series because it sets up the rules for the series and introduces us to the theory of cheating death.  This also, at the time, struck me as some of the most original death scenes I have ever seen.  Each death scene has one or more red herring moments that mislead you as to the route of death for each person.  Sometimes it’s just subtle hints as to what is going to happen.

Favorite death:  Billy Getting decapitated after attempting to kill himself by driving his car onto the railroad tracks.

 Final Destination 2 (2003)

This is my favorite movie of the series because it has the best opening seen in a horror movie I have ever seen.   This movie occurs on the anniversary date of the explosion of flight 180.  Kim the protagonist has a premonition of a pile up on Route 23 in New York, that kills everyone involved.  This is an amazing sequence that we get to see twice as the premonition and in “reality”   With the other survivors of the disaster; she teams up with Clear Waters, who self committed to a mental institution to help this group of survivors escape deaths plan.

In this film they are warned by Bludworth that only “new life” can break the pattern and defeat death. So they concentrate on saving a pregnant survivor, Isabella only to be taken out one by one by death. It is later revealed that Isabella was not meant to die so Kim drowns herself and gets resuscitated to be “the new life” that is needed to defeat death. The final scene lets us see that deaths plan is still in action when a young boy is blown to pieces from a BBQ explosion. Thus, opening the door for another sequel and giving you an eerie feeling that you take with you after the film is over.

Favorite death:  Kat and the PVC pipe.

 Final Destination 3 (2006)

This film begins in an amusement park with a group of kids on a rollercoaster.  Wendy our protagonist and her friends Kevin, Jason, and Carrie board the Devils Flight rollercoaster only to have a premonition that something will go horribly wrong and they will all die.  Wendy panics and gets off the coaster with some other friends.   Of course the survivors learn of the flight 180 and what happened to it’s survivors Ian has the idea that  if the person who is destined to die last commits suicide  deaths plan will be broken.  But we all know what happens when you assume the plan is broken.  It never is.

Favorite Death: Ashley and Ashlyn burning alive in their tanning beds.   I can’t hear that song Rollercoaster without thinking of this scene.

The Final Destination (2009)

This film should be the greatest nightmare of NASCAR fans everywhere. Nine years after the explosion of Flight 180, Nick O’Bannon, our protagonist, has a premonition in which multiple race cars will pile-up at the McKinley Speedway and watches his friends and fellow race goers die. This is a particularly gruesome opening scene.   Before this can become a reality he persuades his friends, Lori,  Janet, Hunt, security guard George and other racegoers, Jonathan, Andy, Samantha , Carter and Nadia.  He of course, learns of the previous films disasters and realizes that death is coming for him and his friends.  The other survivors are killed in a series of bizarre accidents except Janet, who is rescued just moments before her death due to Nick’s visions. (she is nearly killed in an automated car wash.)   This leads other survivors to believe they have beaten by Death until Nick has another premonition of a disastrous explosion at a shopping mall where he eventually rescues Lori and Janet.  They are killed by a semi truck coming through the window of a café where they are discussing the fact that maybe they haven’t beaten death.

This is the first of the series to be presented in 3-D

Favorite Death: Lori’s annihilation by the escalator.

Final Destination 5 (2011)

In this installment of the series our protagonist Sam, has a premonition that the bridge will collapse, killing everyone and himself.  It of course, happens in reality killing those who chose not to get off the bridge with Sam.  Later at a memorial service, Bludworth warns the surviviors that they have cheated death.  This group ignores his warning.  He also later tells the remaining survivors that if they wish to cheat Death, they must kill someone who was never meant to die on the bridge, and thereby claim their remaining lifespan.

This movie eventually comes full circle and acts like a prequel to the first final destination film when Sam and Molly board a plane for Paris (flight 180) and are killed when the plane explodes.

Favorite Death: Candice’s Gymnastics accident.

Horror Series: Further thoughts on Nightmare on Elm Street

I never saw A Nightmare on Elm Street on the big screen when I was a kid.  I was just too young  (I was 13 years old).   So I ended up seeing it a few years later with my friend Sheryl in her TV room.

When the original A Nightmare on Elm Street was re released for one night here in the Orlando area I jumped at the chance to see it.  So off my husband and I went to the Regal Theater in Winter Park to see this film that we love so much.   This was an exciting prospect.
The film did not disappoint and it was fantastic to see it on the big screen. WE did realize however how laughable the character of Marge,  Nancy’s mother is.  I guess I just kind of ignored her and how she was when I watch the film.  But Ronee Blakley is seemingly playing herself or what I believe to be herself.  I saw her in a Tales from the Darkside episode called “False Prophet.” She played a girl names Cassie who relies on an electronic Zoltar type machine to make all her decisions for her.  While she wasn’t a drunk in this teleplay she was essentially playing what I imagine to be herself since I’ve seen her in two things where she is basically the same.

Marge’s melodramatic lines are completely laughable in my opinion.  “Freddy can’t hurt you, because mommy killed him.”  Perhaps it is the murder of Freddy Krueger that caused the breakup of Nancy’s family and the onset of alcoholism for Marge.

When my husband and I went to Spookie Empires Ultimate Horror Weekend a couple of years back we were fortunate enough to meet some horror greats and stars from our favorite horror films. We were fortunate to meet and have our picture taken with Robert Englund (Which will always be a treasure and he’s a nice man), Amanda Wyss (Tina), John Saxton, Lisa Wilcox (Alice, Dream child and dream master), and Heather Langencamp.  (We also met PJ Soles – Lynda – and Brian Andrews (Tommy Doyle) from Halloween).  That was a real treat.  I also got to meet the producers of the Nightmare documentary Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy.  It was recommended to us by Heather Langencamp herself.  It’s a great 2 DVD set and the ultimate Nightmare documentary.   We bought a copy then and there.  Incidentally, Heather Langencamp also has s documentary called “I am Nancy” which I do not have yet but do want to purchase.  (and is on Autumn Special until the end of October)

The first DVD is a retrospective on each of the Nightmare films (including Freddy vs Jason) and the Nightmare on Elm Street Series (Anyone remember this?  I do.  It didn’t last very long but I really enjoyed it.)   There are some great info gems in here and really worth a watch.  The second DVD is Bonus features and includes “slashed” scenes, extra featurettes, a Nightmare on Elm Street in 10 minutes film (cute).  Worth a look for sure.  I really enjoyed this Documentary.

For fans of other horror Series:

Halloween: 25 Years of Terror

His name was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th.

Paranormal Activity 4

The hubby and I went to see Paranormal Activity 4 this evening.

Paranormal Activity 4 was a total stinker. I had some hopes for it but the saga of Katie has overextended itself one too many films. And I’m a person who will give a horror film many chances to redeem itself.

The movie recaps what happened at the end of The second film with Katie killing her sister and kidnapping her son Hunter. As in the end of the last film Katie and Hunters whereabouts are unknown.

It is revealed to us through strange occurrences that Katie is squatting at the house across the street from this families house.

It turns out that this little kid has been adopted into this other family who is being subjected to paranormal events.

Instead of video cameras we have recordings from every computer in the house and Tracking dots. No speeding up of time stamps to indicate something was going to happen, in fact the movie moved so slow and had with few true scares. Nothing of consequence happens until the last 30 minutes of its 135 minute running time.

Much of it didn’t make any sense. I don’t get what ultimately happened and who Katie ultimately was and what it had to do with the three other movies.

Don’t waste your money to see this film. I wish I could unsee it, in fact. If you are like me and want to say you have seen the whole series even if its bad wait for DVD (red box, don’t even waste a netflix queue spot for this bomb) or even wait for cable.

Edit: someone in one of FB groups I belong too gave me a link which led to an article that may shed some light, and apparently there is a PA 5 in the works.


Horror Series: Friday the 13th

The Friday the 13th franchise was started, produced and directed by Sean Cunningham and was meant to capitalize on the success of Halloween, the mother of all modern slasher films. The series consists of 12 films (if you count the 2009 remake); each progressively increasing in production value and cinematography aesthetic.

Friday the 13th. (1980)

This is the movie that started it all.  The plot is simple. Flashback several years…  A little boy named Jason drowns in the lake while camp counselors are having sex, in 1958. His mother Pamela Voorhees is devastated by the loss of Jason and the camp is closed.  The camp is reopened several years later and a new crop of counselors arrives to prepare the camp.  The most notable counselor, Jack is played by Kevin Bacon.  Sex is had, and people are killed.  Alice discusses the previous murders at the camp and Mrs Voorhees talks about Jason’s drowning and we arrive at the final showdown between Alice and Mrs. Voorhees.  In this film, Mrs. Voorhees’s is the killer.  Alice decapitated Mrs. V and we leave Alice in a canoe on the lake.  The last scare of the film is during this scene when Jason flies up out of the water and takes Alice down into the lake. Alice is taken to the hospital and it turns out to be a nightmare.

Let’s face it the story isn’t great, the cinematography is even worse, especially in the kills.  There is always a scene, a jump cut and then there is a sharp instrument in someones head.  We never actually see how it gets there.  It’s laughable.  This is one of two films that Jason isn’t the killer.

It seems to me that Jason may have been autistic or mentally challenged and may have had elephentitis.


  • Betsy Palmer – Mrs Voorhees
  • Adrienne King – Alice
  • Harry Crosby – Bill
  • Laurie Bartram – Brenda
  • Mark Nelson- Ned
  • Robbi Morgan- Annie
  • Kevin Bacon- Jack

Friday the 13th Part II (1981)

This movie opens with a long scene with Alice at her house with a few minor scares before Jason comes for her, killing her with an ice pick through the temple after Alice discovered Mrs. Voorhees’s decapitated head in her refrigerator.  What I want to know is how did Jason know where she lived?  Did he have a primitive version of GPS??

It is five years later and a new crop of kids arrives to open the camp yet again.  Paul tells the story of the happenings at Camp blood around the camp fire and a masked figure jumps at them scaring them all.  Jason is dead, he says.  Little does he know that Jason is stalking them.  People are killed while having sex, throats are slashed and people are killed in various ways.  The climax of the film is Ginnie happening upon the mummified remains of Pamela Voorhees’s head.  Ginne dons Mrs. Voorhees’s sweater and tries to distract Jason taking advantage of his low intelligence.  That only works for a while.  Jason bursts through a window revealing his face and then Ginnie wakes up in the hospital having no recollection of how she escaped.  We never find out what happens to Paul.  The final scene is a really bad (and obviously a live person head with bad make up on the table to open the door for another sequel.

Production Note:  Adrianne King who plays Alice had an obsessed fan after the first Friday and demanded that her role in the second film was as small as possible.

This film was not much better than the first with the same type of kills and cinematography.


  • Amy Steel- Ginnie
  • John Furey- Paul
  • Adrienne King _ Alice
  • Warrington Gillette as Jason Voorhees
  • Lauren-Marie Taylor as Vicki
  • Betsy Palmer as Pamela Voorhees


Friday the 13th  Part 3 (presented originally in  3-D) (1982)

This is the first film where Jason is featured wearing the now trademark Hockey mask which he aquires  after killing Shelly in this film,  to hide his grotesque facial features.

This film begins one day after the events of part two.  This movie does not have much of a plot and I recently saw it again in 3-D and it just isn’t memorable.  Teens are warned not to go there, people are killed and the whole damn thing is revealed to be a nightmare.

This installment is just god awful but worth a look if you are a fan of the series.


  • Dana Kimmell as Chris Higgins
  • Paul Kratka as Rick
  • Tracie Savage as Debbie
  • Jeffrey Rogers as Andy
  • Catherine Parks as Vera Sanchez
  • Larry Zerner as Shelly
  • David Katims as Chuck
  • Rachel Howard as Chili
  • Richard Brooker as Jason Voorhees
  • Marilyn Poucher as Pamela Voorhees (Betsy Palmer appears as Mrs. Voorhees during flashback from Part 2)
  • Amy Steel as Ginny Field (Flashback)
  • John Furey as Paul Holt (Flashback)

Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter (1984)

This installment in the series is a favorite of mine.  I loved the two Corey’s back in the 80’s and a pre Goonies, Corey Feldman is absolutely adorable in this movie. This film notably also stars Crispin Glover playing basically what amounts to himself.

This film also picks up one day after the events of the last film. Jason’s body is taken to the city morgue where it is found out he is still alive when he kills the morgue doctor, Axel, by sawing his neck with a bone saw, and then a nurse, Morgan, with a stab to the stomach.  Jason then cruises on back to Crystal Lake.

Tommy Jarvis, apparent master of special effects makeup and prosthetics,  and his family have a house out in the woods and a group of teenagers rent the house next to the Jarvis family.  Each of these teens are killed one by one as it seems a requirement for these films.  Tommy and his sister are left.  They are pursued by Jason for a while and Tommy gets the idea to shave his head and distract Jason because he looks like Jason as a boy. This enables his sister, Trish to attack Jason with a machete.  Jason drops and we think he’s dead but you know that is never the case.  Tommy sees jasons hand move and he picks with the machete and repeatedly brings it down on Jason’s body. It seems that by this point Tommy has snapped.  This is confirmed when in the final scene he is visiting his sister at the hospital and when in his embrace with his sister, Tommy psychotically looks towards the camera.


  • Kimberly Beck as Trish Jarvis
  • Erich Anderson as Rob Dier
  • Crispin Glover as Jimmy
  • Corey Feldman as Tommy Jarvis
  • Peter Barton as Doug
  • Clyde Hayes as Paul
  • Barbara Howard as Sara
  • Lawrence Monoson as Ted
  • Joan Freeman as Mrs. Jarvis
  • Judie Aronson as Samantha

This was supposed to be the final installment in the series.  Everyone worked on this assumption.   Jason was supposed to die in this film.  The man, Ted White who played Jason made Jason different, made him move faster and be more of a mindless killer. I liked this one and it is always a treat to watch.

Friday the 13th Part Five: A New Beginning (1985)

Because the franchise makes money the aptly titled New beginning reboots the series.

In this film, a young Tommy Jarvis stumbles upon a graveyard. Two grave robbers, Neil and Les, are digging up the corpse of Jason Voorhees. Jason rises from the grave and murders Neil and Les before advancing towards Tommy.  Tommy wakes up reveiling this to be just a nightmare.  This portion of the film is set in a halfway house, where Tommy is staying after the night he viciously hacked up Jason.  The other teens at the halfway house include lovers Tina and Eddie, Robin, a goth chick named Violet, and a shy and stuttering kid named Jake.  Joey, a teenager at the halfway house, is killed with an ax by Vic at the house. One paramedic, Duke, jokes, but another medic, Roy Burns, is saddened by the death.

Many murders occur in this film as in the others, but it is revealed that the killer is NOT Jason but a copy cat killer and paramedic,  Roy who was driven mad by his son Joey’s murder earlier in the film.  The film ends with Tommy standing behind Pam wearing a hockey mask and wielding a knife.


  • John Shepherd as Tommy Jarvis
  • Melanie Kinnaman as Pam Roberts
  • Shavar Ross as Reggie
  • Corey Feldman as Tommy Jarvis (age 12)
  • Richard Young as Matt
  • Marco St. John as Sheriff Tucker
  • Juliette Cummins as Robin
  • Carol Locatell as Ethel
  • Vernon Washington as George
  • John Robert Dixon as Eddie
  • Tiffany Helm as Violet


Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)

Jason has been dead and buried for years at this  point (even though the film has been released just one year after the last film) and Tommy (a character appearing in the two previous sequels) is hell bent on exhuming and cremating Jason once and for all. So him and his friend Allen Hawes ( who is played by the loveable Ron Palillo – “Horshack” of Welcome Back Kotter fame.)  He and Hawes exhume Jason’s casket, but before they can cremate the body, an infuriated Tommy begins stabbing it with a steel fence post. Unfortunately, the fence post acts as a lightning rod for an incoming storm, and a bolt of lightning brings Jason back to life. Jason rips Hawes’ heart out and throws his body into the exhumed coffin while Tommy escapes.  How convenient.

Tommy returns to the town of Crystal Lake, the site of Jason’s killings, which has now been renamed Forest Green to distance itself from negative publicity. Tommy attempts to warn the town sheriff, Mike Garris, of Jason’s return, but Garris, aware of Tommy’s institutionalization, writes him off as mentally disturbed, and has him locked in a holding cell.  Jason returns to the lake.

Tommy insists that Jason is back and no one believes him.  Murders by Jason occur and it is figured out by Tommy that Jason can be destroyed by being trapped under the lake where he drowned.  Tommy lures  Jason to the lake where he waits with a large boulder and a chain. Tommy and Jason fight and they fall into the water where Jason pulls him down drowning him. Meghan tries to save Tommy and ends up killing Jason by putting apropeller motor into his neck, breaking it.  Tommy is saved on the shore by CPR and they celebrate.  Jason in the final scene is floating, still alive, attached to the boulder on the bottom by a chain.


  • Thom Mathews as Tommy Jarvis
  • Jennifer Cooke as Megan Garris
  • David Kagen as Sheriff Mike Garris
  • Renee Jones as Sissy Baker
  • Kerry Noonan as Paula
  • Darcy DeMoss as Nikki
  • Tom Fridley as Cort
  • Alan Blumenfeld as Larry
  • Matthew Faison as Stan
  • Ann Ryerson as Katie
  • Tony Goldwyn as Darren
  • Nancy McLoughlin as Lizabeth
  • Ron Palillo as Allen Hawes
  • C.J. Graham as Jason Voorhees
  • Vincent Guastaferro as Deputy Rick Cologne
  • Michael Swan as Officer Pappas
  • Courtney Vickery as Nancy
  • Whitney Rydbeck as Roy
  • Bob Larkin as Martin
  • Wallace Merck as Toboloco
  • Justin Nowell as Billy
  • Roger Rose as Steven

When I was a kid these movies were taboo and made me want to watch them all the more.

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988)

This is the first sequel in which Kane Hodder plays Jason.  In my opinion he is the best Jason because he is a huge imposing man.  I got to meet him once at a Horror Con. That was a treat.

This film the seventh installment and the sixth sequel takes place several month after the events of the previous film.  We are introduced to a female protagonist named Tina Sheppard.  She lives in an abusive household and overhears her alcoholic father abusing her mother.  This emotional trauma unlocks Tina’s previously latent telekinetic powers, which result in her father’s death at the bottom of Crystal Lake.

Ten years later feeling guilty over her fathers death her mother and doctor remove her from the mental institution where she had been staying.  Tina ends up fleeing to the doc on the lake where her father died and she uses her telekinetic powers and inadvertently raises Jason from the lake, freeing him to kill again.

Murder Murder murders.  In the end Tina wills her father to come out of crystal lake to wrap chains around Jason’s neck and pulls him back to the lake.  Tina feels that Jason is gone forever.  Or is he??

I watched this film in the dark on my own house when no one else was home and it scared the crap out of me.



  • Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees
  • Lar Park Lincoln as Tina Shepard
  • Kevin Spirtas as Nick
  • Susan Blu as Mrs. Amanda Shepard
  • Terry Kiser as Dr. Crews
  • Jennifer Banko as Young Tina
  • Susan Jennifer Sullivan as Melissa
  • Elizabeth Kaitan as Robin
  • Jon Renfield as David
  • Jeff Bennett as Eddie
  • Heidi Kozak as Sandra
  • Diana Barrows as Maddy

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)

Jason is once again shocked back to life when a boat anchor cuts a power line underwater in crystal lake where Tina left him years before.  The occupants of the boat are found by Jason to be having sex and he kills them.  Surprise Surprise.

The senior class of Lakeview High School is aboard the SS Lazarus (perfectly named, wouldn’t you say?) bound for New York City for graduation.  Jason hitches a ride aboard this boat for the pleasure cruise to NYC.  A bunch of people are killed leaving a small group to escape the boat.  Charles, Rennie, Colleen, two other students, Julius and the captain’s son, Sean Robertson, as well as Rennie’s dog, Toby, abandon the ship in a row boat.

Jason follows this group around the city killing people from their group and the lovers  Sean and Rennie are left by themselves.  “Rennie and Sean run onto the New York subway system, but are trapped by Jason. Sean tackles Jason and Jason is electrocuted by the ground wires, seemingly killing him. The two leave the subway and emerge into Times Square, where Jason continues pursuing them. Rennie and Sean run into a diner but Jason crashes through a wall to get to them. They run into the sewers, where Rennie attacks Jason with toxic waste, melting much of his body. After an ensuing flooding of the sewer, all that remains of Jason is a young boy lying at the bottom of the sewer, with a hockey mask floating away on the water. Rennie and Sean reunite with Toby on the streets above, and set out to start a new life” (Wikipedia)


  • Jensen Daggett as Rennie Wickham
  • Scott Reeves as Sean Robertson
  • Barbara Bingham as Colleen Van Deusen
  • Peter Mark Richman as Charles McCulloch
  • Martin Cummins as Wayne Webber
  • Gordon Currie as Miles Wolfe
  • V. C. Dupree as Julius Gaw
  • Kelly Hu as Eva Watanabe
  • Saffron Henderson as J.J. Jarrett
  • Sharlene Martin as Tamara Mason
  • Alex Diakun as Deck hand
  • Warren Munson as Admiral Robertson
  • Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees
  • Amber Pawlick as young Rennie Wickham
  • Ace as Toby

 Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)
This is the first of the Friday franchise to be distributed by New Line Cinema the same people who brought us the Nightmare on Elm street series of films and paves the way for a film involving both Jason and Freddy.

This film I barely remember.  Only bits and pieces of this film.  I remember  This black dude with Bad Jheri Curl in a port-o-potty who gets wasted by Jason after serenading his girl friend who is killed just before him.  The other part I remember is  a dog unearthing Jason’s mask and Freddy’s claw coming up from the ground and pulling the hockey mask underground and Freddy’s laugh.  This was the first Friday film I saw in the Theater.


  • John D. LeMay as Steven Freeman
  • Kari Keegan as Jessica Kimble
  • Steven Williams as Creighton Duke
  • Allison Smith as Vicki
  • Steven Culp as Robert Campbell
  • Billy Green Bush as Sheriff Landis
  • Erin Gray as Diana Kimble
  • Rusty Schwimmer as Joey B.
  • Leslie Jordan as Shelby
  • Andrew Bloch as Josh
  • Kipp Marcus as Randy
  • Richard Gant as Coroner (Phil)
  • Gino Kane as Ward
  • Julie Michaels as Elizabeth Marcus
  • Paul Devine as Paul
  • Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees/Guard/Freddy Krueger’s claw

Jason X  (2001)

Known in my mind as Jason Goes to Space, this fresh take on the franchise features Jason trapped in cryogenic storage at Crystal lake by the US government for research on rapid cell regeneration.    He kills a guy and spills cryogenic fluid all over the place freezing the two of them.

Fast forward, to the year 2455, the earth is polluted  and cannot support life.  Three students find Jason at the Crystal lake facility and take him into space aboard their star ship.  They reanimate Jason and pronounce him dead and place him in the ships morgue.

Our first couple has sex aboard the ship practically on top of Jason’s body and he comes up and kills them.  He then kills a few more of them.  Jason is later killed when he is knocked into a nanite-equipped medical station, and blasting off his right arm, left leg, his right rib cage and finally part of his head.  Jason is brought back to life by these nano beings and returns as a cyborg type being (“Uber Jason”).  Jason eventually gets incinerated by Earth Two’s atmosphere.

I think this film had one of the best kills. Adrianne is killed when Jason grabs her and slams her head into liquid nitrogen, her face freezes solid and Jason removes her head and smashs it onto a counter shattering her face into a million pieces.


  • Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees/Uber Jason
  • Lexa Doig as Rowan LaFontaine
  • David Cronenberg as Dr.Wimmer
  • Lisa Ryder as KM 14
  • Jonathan Potts as Professor Brandon Lowe
  • Peter Mensah as Seargent Brodski
  • Melyssa Ade as Janessa
  • Melody Johnson as Kinsa
  • Phillip Williams as Crutch
  • Derwin Jordan as Waylander
  • Dov Tiefenbach as Azrael
  • Chuck Campbell as Tsuaron
  • Kristi Angus as Adrienne Thomas
  • Yani Gellman as Stoney
  • Todd Farmer as Dallas

Freddy VS Jason (2003)

I discussed this movie in my Nightmare on Elm Street entry and will not discuss it again here.

Friday the 13th (2010)

I was not impressed with this reimagining of the original film.  That is all I will say about it.

In closing, you have to admit that most of the storylines were crap and there we kills just for the sake of killed with no rhyme or reason for any of them except for Jason wanting to avenge his mothers death.  When I was a teenager I would visit my friend Sheryl and we would watch these films in her dark TV room in her old house in a small town on Long Island.  We needed permission on file at the video store to rent these rated R films.  Those were good times and good scares.

Now I really watch these films more for heckling value than scares but occasionally I still get a scare!    This year I am already “Friday’d out” because AMC is playing a prime time marathon of these films for the full first week of Fear Fest.  But they are never as good cut and edited on TV as they are on DVD or Blue Ray.

Horror Series: A Nightmare on Elm Street


My first love is most defiantly the Nightmare on Elm Street Series of films.    Some are great and some are terrible.  My favorites from the series are the first and the third films.

A Nightmare on Elm Street tells the story basically tells the story of the last teens on Elm street of the parents of children that killed child killer Freddy Krueger.  Freddy was originally supposed to be a child molester and killer but Wes Craven didn’t think audiences in the 80’s would embrace that. It is only in the 2010 remake that it is emphatically said that he is a child molester. The story is of several teen who are being killed in their sleep.  Nancy is the main protagonist and she her friends as they are all killed by Freddy one by one.  She figures out that she can take back her power and rid herself of Freddy in the final confrontation.  Or so she thinks.  That last scene of the movie opens the door for further sequels and a sinister ending.

A Nightmare on Elm Street part two tells the story of another set of teens from Elm Street. Freddy possesses teen Jessie Walsh and Freddy uses him to do his work.    I am not a fan of this film. It’s kind of like the Temple of Doom of the Nightmare series.  To me that film could be left out of the franchise.  I do however have a connection to this film in the series as the brother of my science teacher from middle school, David Chaskin, wrote the screen play.

A Nightmare on Elm Street part  three: Dream warriors is probably my favorite movie in the series next to the original.  In this film the remaining Elm Street Children are all placed in Weston Hills Mental Institution and Nancy returns as a  intern therapist to help these teens.  She knows their plight well. Nancy helps the children find their “Dream Powers.” However, one by one, the inmates at the institution meet their deaths with the exception of Kincaid, Joey and Kristin. (who return for the next film). We meet Freddy’s mother, Amanda Krueger who suggests that Freddy needs to be returned to hallowed ground in order to destroy him.  The director of the institution Dr Weston accomplishes this but Nancy is killed in the process.

I love this movie because the deaths are some of the best ever and there is always something creepy about mental institutions.  The best is the girl Jennifer who wants to be an actress and watches TV all the time and meets her demise when Freddy puts her head through the TV.  Awesome.   I also like that Nancy has returned.

In A Nightmare on Elm Street Four: The Dream Master, Kristen inadvertently brings Freddy back and meets her demise when her mother gives her sedatives to make her sleep.  Before she dies she brings Kincaid and Joey into her dreams.  Just prior to her death she transfers her dream power to her friend Alice who becomes the main protagonist of the film.  Alice provides victims for Freddy by dragging her friends into her dreams. Alice begins to aquire the traits of her fallen friends and has a showdown with Freddy at the end of the film.  Alice uses the power of said Dream Master to release all the souls of her friends, ripping themselves from Freddy’s body killing him in the process. Alice becomes pregnant in this film. Is it her boyfriend Dan’s or Freddy’s?

Part 4 isn’t bad it’s just not one of my favorites. It goes really well with Dream Warriors as this film is really a continuation of that film.

In A Nightmare on Elm Street Five: Dream child Freddy uses Alice’s unborn child to resurrect himself and kill a new batch of victims.  We see a little more of Freddy’s back story with his mom a working in an asylum and how he came into being being “the bastard son of 1000 maniacs,” when his mother is raped repeatedly.  Alice and Jacob her baby ultimately escape from the Dream world.

In Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, Freddy returns.   This movie is about one “john Doe” who seeks out Freddy’s Daughter (??), Maggie  and wants her to leave Springfield.  Maggie discovers Freddy’s past and how he was abused by his peers, beaten by his father, killed his wife, practicing cruelty to animals and the very moment when the “Dream Demons” arrive in the burning boiler room to offer him eternal life.

The series kind of comes full circle.  An interesting bit of back story but I feel like the series kind of “jumps the shark.” Perhaps the series has gone on too long by this point. I don’t’ know. It’s defiantly not the best film in the series but certainly not the worst.

The final installment in the original series, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare,  is more of a “reality” surrounding the cast and crew of the Nightmare franchise.  The players play themselves.  Freddy exisiting only in the films and when the films stop Freddy jumps out of the films to escape into the real world.  The only person who can stop him is Nancy and does so by trapping him in a furnace killing him.

Freddy VS Jason is the film that both fans of the Nightmare and Friday the 13th Franchises waited for many years.  I know I had been being a fan of the Friday Franchise as well.  In Friday the 13th: Jason goes to Hell: The Final Friday  (which was not the final Friday) the upcoming promise of this film is foreshadowed when Freddy’s claw comes out of the ground taking Jason’s mask presumably to hell.  This film did not happen for many years after this due to development issues between Paramount and New Line.

Freddy vs. Jason brings together two of the most recognizable horror icons to face each other explains that Freddy Krueger has grown weak as people in Springwood, his home, have suppressed their fear of him. Freddy, who is impersonating Pamela Voorhees, the mother of Jason Voorhees, sends Jason to Springwood to cause panic and fear. Jason accomplishes this, but refuses to stop killing. A battle ensues in both the dream world and Crystal Lake between the two villains. The winner is left ambiguous, as Jason surfaces from the lake holding Freddy’s severed head, which winks and laughs.  This was a fun ride.

The Nightmare on Elm Street Remake (2010)  “Here, Freddy stalks the dreams of Nancy Holbrook  and her friends as they discover that they all share a common link from their childhood; they were all physically and sexually abused by Freddy before he was murdered by their vengeful parents. Now a supernatural force in their dreams, Freddy kills off the children that alerted the parents about his transgressions. Freddy slowly works his way to Nancy, his favorite of the children, and manipulates her into going without sleep long enough that her body falls into a coma, resulting in permanent sleep and life with Freddy forever. Nancy is awakened when her friend Quentin injects  into her and pulls Freddy out of the dream world, where she and Quentin kill him and burn the remains of his body.”(From Wikipedia)