Food Truck Bazaar

Hubby and I hit the food Kissimmee truck bazaar last night.  When we arrived around 6 pm, we took a tour of all the trucks before stopping at any of them. There were less trucks there than usual probably due to the rain. Some of our favorites were there, Big wheel Food Truck (Twitter:@BigWheelTruck), Yum Yum (Twitter:@yumyumtruck_fl), The Crepe Company (Twitter: TheCrepeCompany) and Taste Buds. (Twitter: @tastebuds4you). We took a full tour of all the trucks then met up with some friends there. They intended to gather food and take it back to her house to eat it due to the rain.

What we ate:

First stop was the beer cart where Yuengling was available so we got one.

Then it was onto Bollywood BBQ (Twitter: @bollywoodbbq) for some Beef samosas. We got three. (they were small). The were some triangle shaped puff pastries with curry spiced beef inside. They were were served with two types of sauce, one sweet and one was cilantro / avocado based sauce and more savory. They were delicious! I spied some Tandoori chicken on the menu and vowed to return to try that.

Our next stop was Melissa’s Chicken and Waffles. (Twitter: @melissaswaffles) We had an amazing Chicken and waffle sandwich. It was a warm fluffy huge waffle with batter fried chicken pieces with a lovely white gravy (think biscuits and gravy, gravy). You fold it together and take a bite! Delight! I would get that again.

Next up was Treasure Island Treats- Carribbean cuisine and deserts- (Twitter: @PiratezParadise) where we ordered one Jamaican Beef Patty. It was amazing!  Beefy Cheesy Goodness.  The only bad thing about this truck was that the wait was long.  Too long in my opinion.  I believe they are a new truck and probably haven’t worked out all the kinks yet.  We will try them again for sure.

After that I returned to Bollywood BBQ for that Tandoori chicken on Naan bread.  I was expecting a taste of Nirvana but  was disappointed. The chicken was seasoned well but was dry and a bit cold.  It was served with the same sauce as the above mentioned samosas.  Maybe I just don’t understand Indian Cuisine but I’ve had Tandoori chicken before and it was better than this.

Our last stop was at the Crepe Company (Twitter: @TheCrepeCompany) for some amazing dessert crepes.  We’ve been to this cart before.  We ordered a Nutella Crêpe and Smores Crêpe.  Both were AMAZING!!  Sweet melty , chocolatey goodness!  I hightly recommend this cart!!

What to expect from a food Truck Bazaar. (from the

1. Think tailgating: bring your own chairs + tables + tents
2. Expect long lines.
3. Some trucks will run out of food.
4. Expect loud generators on most trucks.
5. Most trucks take credit cards.

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