Horror Series: Misery

Misery takes an everyday situation in the life of an author (possibly Steven King himself) and turns it to an author’s worst nightmare: Being victimized by “Your biggest fan.”  This book and movie are a must read/see.

Kathy Bates is perfect as Annie Wilkes who finds James Caan , novelist Paul Sheldon,  the author of the Misery series, in the snow after a car accident which occurred after he finished writing the last installment of the Misery series.  She demands that he burn this manuscript and keep Misery alive by writing another novel in which Misery lives.

Annie Wilkes is a OB nurse with a past which we learn about as the story progresses.  After reading the manuscript for the last Misery installment Annie is pissed off at Paul and begins to torture him.  I’m sure that this is in the nightmares of Stephen King.  The vast majority of this film is Annie’s torture of Paul and his efforts to get away from her. Possibly the most horrifying of all the tortures is the hobbling of Paul.

I love this movie.  I saw it with friends and the book is amazing.




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