Paranormal Activity 4

The hubby and I went to see Paranormal Activity 4 this evening.

Paranormal Activity 4 was a total stinker. I had some hopes for it but the saga of Katie has overextended itself one too many films. And I’m a person who will give a horror film many chances to redeem itself.

The movie recaps what happened at the end of The second film with Katie killing her sister and kidnapping her son Hunter. As in the end of the last film Katie and Hunters whereabouts are unknown.

It is revealed to us through strange occurrences that Katie is squatting at the house across the street from this families house.

It turns out that this little kid has been adopted into this other family who is being subjected to paranormal events.

Instead of video cameras we have recordings from every computer in the house and Tracking dots. No speeding up of time stamps to indicate something was going to happen, in fact the movie moved so slow and had with few true scares. Nothing of consequence happens until the last 30 minutes of its 135 minute running time.

Much of it didn’t make any sense. I don’t get what ultimately happened and who Katie ultimately was and what it had to do with the three other movies.

Don’t waste your money to see this film. I wish I could unsee it, in fact. If you are like me and want to say you have seen the whole series even if its bad wait for DVD (red box, don’t even waste a netflix queue spot for this bomb) or even wait for cable.

Edit: someone in one of FB groups I belong too gave me a link which led to an article that may shed some light, and apparently there is a PA 5 in the works.



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