Horror Series: Further thoughts on Nightmare on Elm Street

I never saw A Nightmare on Elm Street on the big screen when I was a kid.  I was just too young  (I was 13 years old).   So I ended up seeing it a few years later with my friend Sheryl in her TV room.

When the original A Nightmare on Elm Street was re released for one night here in the Orlando area I jumped at the chance to see it.  So off my husband and I went to the Regal Theater in Winter Park to see this film that we love so much.   This was an exciting prospect.
The film did not disappoint and it was fantastic to see it on the big screen. WE did realize however how laughable the character of Marge,  Nancy’s mother is.  I guess I just kind of ignored her and how she was when I watch the film.  But Ronee Blakley is seemingly playing herself or what I believe to be herself.  I saw her in a Tales from the Darkside episode called “False Prophet.” She played a girl names Cassie who relies on an electronic Zoltar type machine to make all her decisions for her.  While she wasn’t a drunk in this teleplay she was essentially playing what I imagine to be herself since I’ve seen her in two things where she is basically the same.

Marge’s melodramatic lines are completely laughable in my opinion.  “Freddy can’t hurt you, because mommy killed him.”  Perhaps it is the murder of Freddy Krueger that caused the breakup of Nancy’s family and the onset of alcoholism for Marge.

When my husband and I went to Spookie Empires Ultimate Horror Weekend a couple of years back we were fortunate enough to meet some horror greats and stars from our favorite horror films. We were fortunate to meet and have our picture taken with Robert Englund (Which will always be a treasure and he’s a nice man), Amanda Wyss (Tina), John Saxton, Lisa Wilcox (Alice, Dream child and dream master), and Heather Langencamp.  (We also met PJ Soles – Lynda – and Brian Andrews (Tommy Doyle) from Halloween).  That was a real treat.  I also got to meet the producers of the Nightmare documentary Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy.  It was recommended to us by Heather Langencamp herself.  It’s a great 2 DVD set and the ultimate Nightmare documentary.   We bought a copy then and there.  Incidentally, Heather Langencamp also has s documentary called “I am Nancy” which I do not have yet but do want to purchase.  (and is on Autumn Special until the end of October)

The first DVD is a retrospective on each of the Nightmare films (including Freddy vs Jason) and the Nightmare on Elm Street Series (Anyone remember this?  I do.  It didn’t last very long but I really enjoyed it.)   There are some great info gems in here and really worth a watch.  The second DVD is Bonus features and includes “slashed” scenes, extra featurettes, a Nightmare on Elm Street in 10 minutes film (cute).  Worth a look for sure.  I really enjoyed this Documentary.

For fans of other horror Series:

Halloween: 25 Years of Terror

His name was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th.


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