Osbourne Family Lights

It has become a tradition for my husband and I to go every year since we got married and even a year before that to see the Osbourne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights in the backlot on New York street at Disney Hollywood Studios. ( which will always be MGM to me) Sometimes we go with friends and sometimes we go by ourselves.

This is always an amazing and wonderful experience. Christmas music, twinkling lights, and soap bubble snow. It really puts you in the Christmas spirit.

There were a few different things this year than last that I noticed. Such as the waving stuffed near I. The windows and the train the windows. They also added new and updated songs with some of the old favorites mixed in.

Merry Christmas

For concessions this year in addition to the hot chocolate and cookies that they usually serve, they had an amazing and very dense cupcake available. We usually get the cookie but we decided to get the very expensive ($7.50/ ea) but very good cupcake. It was ginger bread cake with cream cheese frosting. On top of that they placed a red and black white chocolate Mickey and a glowing ice cube (like you get in the drinks at 50’s Primetime diner at Hollywood studios). The cupcake was AMAZING! Almost too much and very rich. Amazingly the hot chocolate sips between each bite cuts down on the richness of the cupcake.

Cup cake. Gingerbread with Creamcheese icing

If you haven’t experienced the Dancing Lights, you should at least once. It’s included in park admission and begin around 6:30 pm. Do be prepared to be herded to where they let you in. Unlike many years past there is only one way in.


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