Cleaning Makeup brushes

I needed to clean my makeup brushes because they were dirty with a mish mash of make up.  I looked on the internet for ways to clean the brushes without spending a fortune on brush cleaner.


For a spot clean this site recommends using Wet Ones.

  • Take the Wet One and fold in quarters.
  • rub the brush back and forth on the quartered Wet One Until no more make up comes off.

I found a simple solution to deep clean your brushes. It uses dish soap or mild shampoo and olive oil.  Why the olive oil?  The olive oil helps remove the extra makeup and also conditions your natural hair brushes.


  • take a dinner plate place a small amount of Olive Oil.
  • Place a small amount of dish soap or mild shampoo
  • Take each brush and swirl it around in the olive oil / soap mixture
  • Swirl brush on your hand for 30 seconds to a minute.
  • Rinse in warm (not too hot and not too cold) water with the bristles facing DOWN toward the sink.  (you don’t want to get water up in the area where the bristles are held in place by glue.
  • Rinse until the water runs clear.

For drying your brushes

Set up a tea towel folded twice to create an incline for your brushes to lay on.

  • Place a paper towel over the tea towel extending off the tea towel in the direction the brushes will go.
  • Place brush with bristles facing DOWNWARD off the tea towel.

My brushes dried in a couple of hours but I left them over night to be sure.  They came out really nice.


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