Happy/ Sad news

People may or may not know about me that i am a royal watcher.  i watched Diana, i watched william and noW I watch Kate.  i am enamored of them both but am especially fascinated by gate.  She is so beautiful, stylish and married to a cutie.  I  was in a patient room today and I saw on the news that Kate was pregnant!  I am really excited and happy for them!

I suspected this due to recent pictures of her that have been coming to my inbox via the Duchess Kate blog. She did change her hair but her face was looking just  a little bit fuller for several weeks now.

It is estimated that she is a little under 12 weeks and the announcement was made when Kate had to be hospitalized with hyperemesis gravidium. (Extreme morning sickness). She fell ill at her parents house and they took her to the hospital.  She is expected to be there several days with several days of rest at home after discharge. It is thought she may have multiples because Hyperemesis Gravidium happens more frequently in multiples pregnancys due to the increased HCG.

I am so excited for them!  Congratulations William and Kate!!

Because of the  hoax by those stupid austrailian radio personalities…..  the sad news

Hospital Nurse found dead.

William and Catherine are saddened by the news.


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