Get the Download

I was browsing through my Crate and Barrel catalog that I received in the mail the other day and came across something relatively new by Crate and Barrel.  It is called “Get the Download.  The little advertizement on page 65 of the catalog said to download the “dinner playlist” on iTunes with the free download code available at       So I checked it out.

What I got was a dowload code for a dinner party mix of atmospheric music for a dinner party or cocktail party.  The playlist is as follows:

1. Mona Lisa- Atlas Sound

2. Fast Challenges- Chad Valley

3. When We First Met- Hellogoodbye

4. Hurry Hurry- Jessie Baylin

5.  I’m in Love- Meiko

6. What Was Golden- New Navy

7. This is for Real – Smile Smile

8. We Got It All-  Right the Stars

9. Only One – The Barbaras

10. Strings- Young the Giant


What I ALSO got was a couple of pretty cool apps for free.  I got a Speakeasy Cocktails Application that is normally $4.99 for free.   “Discover 200 interactive recipes and 40 bartending videos. Plus the history of the Prohibition’s secret speakeasy bars.”  I also got MovieCat Movie Trivia came for free.  it’s a cute little trivia game.  There are also some free books none of which I was interested in.


It seems like Crate and Barrel has had one other party mix of songs because this is playlist 2 according to the iTunes store.  So there may be more from Crate and Barrel in the future.  I look forward to the other offerings from my favorite housewares store Crate and Barrel.


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