In Which We Say Goodbye

This contains spoilers about the Series Finale of Private Practice.

You have been warned…………..…


Season 6, Episode 13: In Which We Say Goodbye

We open with Addison talking to a video camera about her being married before to the perfect man, Derrick who wasn’t perfect for her.

Next scene we see her saying that she can’t go through with it, until Naomi shows up then they fast forward through their wedding in like 2 minutes. Everyone is in attendance. Their wedding is outside looking over a marina.

Naomi and Sam talk. She is still with Fife, who is in Hong Kong. Pictures shown of grandchild.

Violet outlining a book on a napkin at another table when Cooper shows up at the table. More chit chat when lady Shepherd shows up and sits down. She tells them she is going to write another book.

Cut to Naomi and Sam getting it on in a hotel room.

Fast forward 3 months…. Violets office. Holly, an old patient talking about it being the sixth anniversary of a car accident in which her parents and boyfriend died and she survived. Violet informs her they are done with therapy. She is shocked but they hug.

Cut to Sheldon and Miranda, his cancer girlfriend who proceeds to collapse. They rush her off to the emergency room. She is seizing.

Cut to Coopers new house, he is taking care of the three babies. They are obviously driving him nuts. He can’t handle it staying home with the babies while Charlotte works.

Cut to Seaside wellness. Naomi visits with Addy. Apparently “Jake makes a steak that is so rare you can still talk to the cow.” Naomi grabs the door jam. Addy asks her if she is pregnant. She is. Addy thinks is Fife’s but we really know its Sam’s since they got it on at the wedding.

Addy does an ultrasound of Naomi. Everything looks good. Addy can tell something is wrong with Naomi. Apparently Fife doesn’t live with Naomi anymore. Suprise Suprise.

They talk about why Addy and Sam broke up. She tells her it’s because he didn’t want kids.

Miranda’s cancer is back.

Jake and his daughter talk about her dropping out of college. She wants to go to Europe with her boyfriend. Jake warns her it’s a mistake.

Back to violets office. Holly tells her she got into Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Holly is all messed up about going because it is so far from Violet. She is worried she may need Violet. She decided she’s not going and not giving up therapy.

Back to Seaside wellness Charlotte, addy, Violet and Naomi are talking about this holly chick and how Charolotte is exhausted. Sam shows up and Naomi is uncomfortable. Addy knows something is up and it has to do with Sam and Naomi. she is exactly 13 weeks pregnant and that is when Addy got married. They talk about why it happened. Naomi doesn’t want to tell Sam about the baby.

“You are in love with him, Naomi.”

“Leave it alone, Addison.” End scene

Cut to Addy’s bathroom and Addy telling Jake about Sam Naomi and the baby. Addison theorizes that Sam has never been able to make it work with another woman because he has always been in love with Naomi.

Cut to, Seaside wellness, SAMs office. Addy walks into his office and sits down, obviously wanting to tell him about the baby. She tells him the Fife and Naomi never got Marie and that Naomi is still in love with him.

We are now at the hospital with Miranda and Sheldon. She is leaving against medical advice. She is talking about the futility of treatment And loss of quality of life with all the treatment. She wants to live her last days at home. She tells Sheldon that she doesn’t want him to see her as she deteriorates. She wants him to walk away. He refuses to walk away from her. She is frustrated Sheldon is on the verge of tears.

Cut to Charlotte and Coopers place. Cooper says they need to hire a nanny. Charlotte is like,

“no I’m. Not going to change the plan because you had a rough day.”

Copper tells her he hasn’t showered in five days and goes on a triad about what is going to happen. It’s kind of funny what he says.

Over to Sam’s house, Stephanie is there. She suggests things to do and Sam is very distracted. She notices and calls him out on it. Basically, He breaks up with her. “I liked your ex wife” she says to him and cries in his arms.

Another session with Holly inViolets office. Violet reiterates to her she doesn’t need her anymore and that this is her last session. She will not be allowed to book another appointment. Holly argues but Violet points out that holly wants to go to cooking school. It was a choice and she applied. Holly admits she is scared.

Cut to kitchen at Seaside wellness. Sam, Sheldon and jake talk about Jakes daughter’s plans. He seeks advice from Shelton and we get some true Sheldon advice as usual. Sheldon states to them that he is Madly in love and says “I quit” he leaves the room. He just quit his job.

He goes to Miranda. He is angry with her. He tells her she is not leaving her because he wants to take care of her. He tells her she deserves to have love until her very last day. She finally agrees to let him stay with her. He tells her he quit his job so they can do whatever she wants with the rest of her life.

Violet sees Holly off leaving here with some advice for success while a knock off of Roxsette’s “it must have been love” plays in the background. Holly leaves in a taxi.

Seaside wellness: jake in his office with his daughter. Talking about her leaving. He apologizes for not giving Eli a chance. No matter what, he says, she will always be his girl.

Sam comes to Naomi in Nee York. He confronts her as to why she didn’t tell him that her and fife broke up.

” I’m not going home. I’m staying and I’m fighting for you” Sam tells her.

“You are the best. You are the only women I have ever loved. You are my family. You are the one single person that I can’t imagine my world without”

She thinks he knows about the baby and says that she doesn’t want him to feel obligated because she is going to have his baby. Sam stops smiling, obviously shocked, and says “you’re pregnant?” He tells her he is here because he is in love with her, always has been and always will be.

Addy does a voice over about how everything changes while there is a montage of all the couples (Miranda and Sheldon in the South Pacific, lady sherherd and her ER hottie boyfriend and Charlotte and Cooper in bed with the babies. She states “happy wedding day Naomi.”

We cut to Naomi and Sam getting married.

Cut to the kitchen at Seaside wellness. The group is there talking about one of Coopers patients who is 13 and smokes like a fiend and how the parents want to tell her she had cancer so she will stop smoking. They briefly discuss the ethics of that when Violet comes in and drops a book on the table and states ” I finished my book.” They all applaud and ask what it it about. Joy and life and how it is all a journey. Its about the practice, all of them and the discussions about the patients they’ve had. She knows they all will be okay. She tells then she is thinking of calling the book “Private Practice.” They debate the merit of that title as the camera pulls away from the kitchen and into the elevator and the door closes. Just before the door closes we hear Addison say “that’s a good title.”

We see the Private Practice placard for the last time.

Its the end of an era. Ive been watching Private Practice since the beginnings as a humble spin off of Grey’s Anatomy. It was entirely different than Grey’s but in a good way. It focused on the privte office of a group on longtime friends from medical school who opened a progressive medical office which employed a collaborative approach to medical care for their patients.

To me it was kind of an anticlimactic series finale but a sweet one. The people who should be together are together, they are happy and they tied up lose ends.

I didn’t expect that Naomi would even be in this episode much less have sex with and become pregnant by Sam.
Derick Shepherd and Meridith should have been at Sam and Naomi’s second wedding. They were all friends in med school. But hey that’s just my opinion.

I enjoyed the episode anyway. In enjoyed the ride Shonda Rhimes. Thank you for some good story telling and interesting medical cases.


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