Buddy update 1-27-13

We got a call from our vet the other day. Buddy’s white blood cells (WBC) have dipped. He is still within normal limits but his WBC’s have dropped to 4400. Low limit is 4000. This is apparently an expected Palladia associated dip in WBC’s in the first few weeks of treatment. We will continue to watch those with each blood draw.

We have been warned not to expect any shrinking of the tumor at this next ultrasound. I secretly hope there will be improvement in the size of the tumor but I don’t expect it.

Buddy is doing really well. He is just as spry as he has always been if not more so. He still hops around like a bunny when we let him outside. Alas, there will be no other dogs in his life besides Blue while his immune system is in limbo like it is and shall be for a while. All other labs are good.

We have our next appointment on February 6.


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