Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence

As I have stated before in this blog I am a huge fan of horror.  Some people like to be scared.  I am one of those people. However, I enjoy being scared by a movie as opposed to being physically in danger as on the rollercoaster or things like the Tower of Terror at Disney Hollywood studios.  That type of thing is too much for me.   This entry might insult peoples sensitivities and maybe make you dislike me.  I am not sick. I know this stuff is not real.  No  one is being harmed in the making of these films.  I am not the only one out there. There are thousands of fans of horror films from all walks of life as evidenced by plethora of podcasts, magazines and movies made each year.

After my husband and I watched Human Centipede I made the decision that I would not watch Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence. The second installment of Tom Six’s  Human Centipede series which was born from a joke that a child molester should be sewn to the anus of a big fat trucker.  I thought that the first one was kind of sick.    Well, the other night I broke my vow.  My husband had fallen asleep on the couch and our DVR was recording two things one of which was wrestling (yuck) and the other The Following which I didn’t want to watch without him.  So I turned to good ole Netflix streaming. I searched an searched and searched for something and ultimately decided to watch this film.

This movie is entirely in black and white making what happens in the last 30 minutes of the film a bit more easier to tolerate   The story follows Marin Lomax, a fat, asthmatic, strange, bug eyed,  car park attendant that lives with his suicidal mother.  Martin, we learn shortly, was molested and physically abused by his father who is now in prison to the chagrin of his mother who blames Martin for this fact.  Martin is obsessed with the movie Human Centipede: first Sequence and the movie opens with him watching the final scene of First sequence on his lap top computer in the toll booth of the car park.

The first 50 minutes of the film are basically Martin renting a disgusting warehouse and kidnapping his victims.  He captures his victims in various ways.  One of his victims is Ashlynn Yennie playing herself.  Somehow Martin lures her into coming on the guise of a movie audition.  The last 30-35 minutes of the film is his building of his 12 person centipede a la the first film in this warehouse. Since he is not a doctor he uses duct tape and heavy duty staples to connect his victims.

There are scenes of him knocking out teeth of his victims, rape, masturbation, bludgeoning ,  babicide (although unintentional), shootings, neck slashing, and  people shitting on each other.  Some seriously sick and disturbing stuff.  This film is intentionally controversial and intentionally disgusting. Torture porn in it’s worst incantation.

The first part of the movie really bored me but the second half had me simultaneously riveted and repulsed repeatedly saying “Oooo, that had to hurt.”  It was seriously more disturbing than the first.  I will never watch that movie again.  There really is no need because those images will be forever branded on my brain.  If you like the Hostel series (well the first two anyway) you may enjoy Full Sequence.    To me the HC: First Sequence is more like Hostel in horrible images but HC: Full sequence really goes quite far, almost too far.  I wish I could un-watch it, honestly.  You have been warned.



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