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Buddy Update 3-29-2013

We received a phone call from the old oncology vet today saying that Buddy’s latest blood work showed that his Red blood cells (RBC) have dropped again. It was recommended to us that we stop the Palladia for a couple of weeks to see of his RBC’s come back up. We will continue to give him the carafate and the fomotodine.

He will see his new vet in about a week and we will go from there. Poor Buddy, just having all kinds of problems lately. In hope this is all worth it for him.



Buddy Update 3-28-2013

Buddy wasn’t being himself today so we carted him off to the vet today.    Apparently Buddy now also has some degenerative disc disease in the Thoracic/ Lumbar Junction.   My poor Buddy is in pain.  So now in addition to all his chemo meds and acid reducers and stomach coaters he now has a muscle relaxer and anti-imflammatory and tramadol for pain.  This is a common degenerative problem in older dogs and Buddy is definitely an older dog. Poor thing.  I don’t want to see him suffer.

Our next doctors appointment for the cancer treatment is on April 2 with the new doctor.

Size 6 is “fat?”


I saw this post on Facebook today. I have two thoughts on this post.

First, good for H&M for using normal size mannequins in the store and or advertising. It’s about time someplace not The Dress Barn is using a more accurate body shape to advertise it’s clothes. It’s about time. More than 50% of the world has more body mass (being muscle or fat) and its about time those women are represented in fashion other than for a plus sized store.

Secondly, at my thinnest, in highschool I was a size 8. When I got married my wedding dress was a size 10. Now I’m in a size 10/12. I guess, by fashion standards, I’ve been fat all my life. Well fashion can kiss my normal ass.

Enough said. I th


Rice Flower

This was an amazing experience.  We went for my birthday this past weekend.  We had a 7pm reservation and we arrived slightly early and decided to sit in the lounge area.  No sooner had we ordered Sake, our grill table was ready.

Our Chef was Cyrill and was funny, high energy and entertaining.  Our waitress was lovely and high energy as well.  The show was a lot of fun!  The food was amazing.  I had an egg Sashimi for an appetizer and my husband and I had the Chef Special which was chicken and Filet minion for two.  It came with a delicious onion soup and a salad with ginger salad dressing.  The filet melted in your mouth as did the chicken.

At the end of the meal they brought us ice cream and mine had a candle and whipped cream on it.  They sang happy birthday to me and  then sang something in Japanese.  it was a riot.

I highly recommend this place.  It’s good for couples, families, and groups.  It is a bit pricy but worth it.  They have happy hour as well with some good specials and a sushi bar in the lounge.  Worth at least one visit.  Call for a reservation!  We plan to go back many times.

Looks yummy, doesn’t it?

Buddy Update 3-9-2013

Yesterday Buddy went back to the oncology vet.  We hit all kinds of problems on the way there with Traffic and construction work blocking the road, along our route that we were about 5 minutes late for the appointment.  We didn’t have to wait very long so that was good.  There were  a lot of dogs in the waiting room when we arrived. Buddy barked at them like he always does.  There was another dog owner who was waiting for their dog who also has cancer.    There were also some cats which I kept Buddy away from.

They took Buddy and he went willingly with them trotting next to the vet tech to the treatment room.  He was back in about 15 minutes.    The doctor came out about 15 minutes later with discharge instructions and talked to me about Buddy’s condition.   Buddy’s Hematocrit (HCT) was down at 35.6% from42.9% which she said may be indicative of an ulcer in his stomach.  The hematocrit is the percentage of packed cell volume relative to the full volume of blood.  She also said that there is thrombocytosis.  I can’t really explain that so here is a link.  Buddy’s platelet count is lower from 805-584.

The tumors.  Sublumbar area showed mildly enlarged hypoechoic lymph nodes.  The right sublumbar lymph node measured 2.24x 0.7 cm (former measurement 2.57 x 0.66cm) and the left sublumbar lymph node measured.18 x 0.42 cm (former measurement: 2.37 x 1.1cm).

Buddy is to continue on Palladia.  And begin Famotidine (Pepcid-acid reducer) once per day while on Palladia and Sucralfate 2-3 x a day for 10-14 days (coats the stomach and esophagus) .  Buddy will have his PCV (packed cell volume) and total protein rechecked around the 18-19 of March after his course of Sucralfate.  His full blood work will be checked around the 30th of March.

His next appointment was to be April 5th.  However, the doctor informed me that she would be relocating (she wasn’t specific as to where she was relocating) and that I he could be followed by a General practitioner at VHA, or be refered to another oncology doctor in either Maitland or Tampa.  I chose Maitland.  I have made a new patient/ follow up appointment for Buddy at AVS in Maitland with Doctor David Lurie, DVM, Diplomate Oncology and Radiation Oncology and former faculty member at the University of Florida Collage of Veterinary Medicine (founder of their oncology program).  He is from South Africa and I hope he’s really good.

His new appointment is on April 2nd.