Rice Flower

This was an amazing experience.  We went for my birthday this past weekend.  We had a 7pm reservation and we arrived slightly early and decided to sit in the lounge area.  No sooner had we ordered Sake, our grill table was ready.

Our Chef was Cyrill and was funny, high energy and entertaining.  Our waitress was lovely and high energy as well.  The show was a lot of fun!  The food was amazing.  I had an egg Sashimi for an appetizer and my husband and I had the Chef Special which was chicken and Filet minion for two.  It came with a delicious onion soup and a salad with ginger salad dressing.  The filet melted in your mouth as did the chicken.

At the end of the meal they brought us ice cream and mine had a candle and whipped cream on it.  They sang happy birthday to me and  then sang something in Japanese.  it was a riot.

I highly recommend this place.  It’s good for couples, families, and groups.  It is a bit pricy but worth it.  They have happy hour as well with some good specials and a sushi bar in the lounge.  Worth at least one visit.  Call for a reservation!  We plan to go back many times.

Looks yummy, doesn’t it?

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