Size 6 is “fat?”


I saw this post on Facebook today. I have two thoughts on this post.

First, good for H&M for using normal size mannequins in the store and or advertising. It’s about time someplace not The Dress Barn is using a more accurate body shape to advertise it’s clothes. It’s about time. More than 50% of the world has more body mass (being muscle or fat) and its about time those women are represented in fashion other than for a plus sized store.

Secondly, at my thinnest, in highschool I was a size 8. When I got married my wedding dress was a size 10. Now I’m in a size 10/12. I guess, by fashion standards, I’ve been fat all my life. Well fashion can kiss my normal ass.

Enough said. I th


4 thoughts on “Size 6 is “fat?”

  1. Size 6 or Size 10 US is promoting Obesity? And size 00 is not promoting Anorexia? This is sad, and I’m 6 or 8 depending; You know, UK did a study where Men and Women chose which body was more attractive. The Women chose size 4US (size 8UK) and the men chose size 8US (size 12UK).

    1. Sad indeed. And I agree size 00 probably does promote anorexia. Women can’t win in this society. I never considered myself fat at size 8. But now fashion tells me I am at size 10/12. All those ladies in Hollywood in the 50’s and 60’s were at least a size 12 and they were considered beautiful.

      1. Yep, but we also have to remember that sizing guide changes. I was surprised to find out two months ago I was a size 6…when for the months before that I was an 8. But some places I’ll still wear an 8. So stores uses different models Chico’s is a great example of that. So its really about inches keeping the waistline under 33 inches to lower risk of heart disease and I think hips under 40 inches. As well as inches for clothes.

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