Guest Blogger: Buddy

So this is my life now, pills morning and night and this yucky liquid in the morning and at night. I don’t like it and I struggle to keep from having to take it but I take it for mommy.

I saw my new doctor today. Mommy’s GPS took us way out of our way into the old neighborhood which I heard mommy say she loves and used to drive through all the time before she met Daddy. So we were late for our appointment but that was okay because they were running behind anyway.

There were amazing smells and lots of other dogs that had cancer, like me there in the waiting room. I barked at some other dogs like I owned the place until mommy put me on her lap.

The doctor examined me and says that he could feel some tumors in the dorsal side of my pelvic canal, whatever that is. I just know he put his finger in my butt! He seems nice though. My doctor speaks in a funny way which mommy says is a South African accent.

They took my blood again!! In never used to have my blood drawn this much now it seems like all the time! they had the results right away. My hematocrit has dropped a little bit further since I last had my blood drawn a few days ago. They mommy is not happy that they want to stop my anti-inflammatory medicines for my back but I can still have to tramadol for pain.

Mommy has to bring me back a week from Thursday for more blood work.


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