Buddy Update 4-11-13

Big long day for Buddy


Buddy had his second visit with Doctor Lurie today.  Our appointment was for 10:45.  We arrived at 10:30 and Buddy promptly took a poop on the floor of the lobby.  Now Buddy is not the type of dog to poop in one place, he poops in multiple places.  He poops and walks at the same time.  So I chased behind him picking up his poop in the lobby.

We waited about 15 minutes in the lobby before the vet tech put us in room 16 and then we waited a few minutes and then they explained what was going to happen and then they took Buddy.

Buddy was gone for a long time. Upwards of 45 minutes before I started to get concerned.  I could hear what sounded like people horsing around in the back and doors slamming.  So finally I went to the desk and said “I’ve been back there a long time can you please find out what is happening with my dog?  His name is Buddy.”

The lady at the desk and a few minutes later she comes back and tells me he’s getting chemo.  I nearly had a heart attack!!  I said “My dog is NOT getting chemo!”   So I was nervous.  She said she could check me out and Buddy would be out soon and the doctor would talk to me.  So I made my appointment for May 6th.  The girl tells me that she just assumed that Buddy was having chemo because he was back there so long.  I’m thinking your assumption freaked me out!  I was not happy.  I wasn’t having a good experience.

Then the doctor came out and spoke to me, without Buddy.  He said that the progression of his anemia has halted.   That’s good news.  We are going to start the Palladia again but at a reduced dose (from 20mg to 15 mg) on a schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Friday.   We should continue the pepcid and we can discontinue the sucralfate.

Ten minutes later the doctor brought out Buddy himself.  I wondered where Buddy was this whole time.  Some cage in the back? What was all the sounds of horseplay going on?   I wondered if he was scared.

Buddy has been eating so well since he went off the Palladia.  Or maybe it’s because of the iron supplement we put on his food twice a day or perhaps it’s the new food that makes him eat more.  He likes the taste of that iron supplement.  And perhaps that helped his anemia as well.  I hope going back on the Palladia doesn’t kill his appetite.

The doctor wanted to see us back in 2 weeks so we are going on April 25th but we have still kept the appointment for May.  We will see by the next visit if we can extend his visits to monthly.  I hope we can.


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