Buddy Update 4-25-13

Today had another visit to the oncology vet today.

He still has several enlarged lymph nodes in his pelvic canal but no sign of recurrent anal gland mass.  His lungs and heart auscultate as clear and the rest of his assessment is normal.

His hematocrit (HCT) which was 35.7 is now up to 40!!  Yay!!

Buddy will continue on his Palladia 15mg given Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as before and will also continue to take his Pepcid twice a day as ordered.

Our next visit is not until May 6th at which time they will recheck CBC and take X-rays of this thoracic cavity. (to check for metastasis)

Buddy has even gained weight. He is up to 14.4 lbs!

He is doing well.  He is as spry as ever and eating well.  The only way I could be happier is if they said his lymph nodes were not enlarged.

He was in there for an hour again today.


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