Buddy Update 5-13-2013

Buddy visited the oncology vet today.

  • Buddy was beside himself on the drive to an from the vet.  Constantly moving around, his breathy crying, and wanting to climb in my lap.  I dared not due to I-4 traffic.
  • They took chest x-rays 3 views and they came out clean.  The radiology report pending.
  • The tumors are still in the pelvic canal, he did not say if they were smaller or larger.
  • Buddy will continue the Palladia
  • Buddy is 13.86 lbs.  down a little from our last visit with the regular vet.
  • His next appointment is on June 10th.  (yep down to monthly visits!!)
  • Major vet bill today, not including the Palladia.  Biggest bill yet with Palladia.
  • 2 hour visit today.  We didn’t get into the room until 20 minutes after the appointment was supposed to start.  They took Buddy and I was there for 10 minutes and decided to get something to eat.  I was back within an hour and 10 minutes.  I sat outside in the sunshine when I returned until they called me so the doctor could talk to me.

Buddy is doing well.  All his coughing and sneezing had me concerned but since the radiographs are clear I am no longer concerned.


That’s all the news about Buddy that’s fit to print.


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