Princesses Long Island

I watched the Princesses Long Island show today. I am completely disgusted and embarrassed by the statements of one girl, Joey on the show.

She says that a lot of girls on Long Island are part of the “lucky sperm club” Meaning that some girls are spoiled. While that is true I do not believe that her follow up statement are true for the vast majority of Long Island women. She goes on to say,

“The typical Long Island girl is so into status. She usually drives BMW, shops at Roosevelt Field mall, has a Prada bag and her mom has big boobs. The car you drive, the bag on your arm the guy you date is pretty much who you are on Long Island.”

Seriously? Not all women from And on Long Island are like that, I assure you.

Another girl, Ashley, indicates the Freeport, on the South shore of Long Island is the “ghetto.” Whereas these other girls are from Great Neck and Old Westbuy on the North shore of Long Island. Horrible.

A lot of Long Island is working class. Mostly north shore Nassau county in what she is likely talking about. I lived in a few of those working class neighborhoods from Mastic Beach to Patchogue to Bayshore.

Another girl, Amanda says the he typical south shore girl is desperate for attention. That seems funny coming from a girl who is the epitome of excess and showiness.

The Freeport girl did say that Long Island girls are way cooler and way stronger. I am down with that. 🙂

I don’t know that I will watch this show again.

“You can date a rich girl from the North Shore or a cool girl from the South Shore.” — Billy Joel.


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