Monthly Archives: July 2013

Scentsy Summer Scents

I recently purchased three Scentsy Scents from my sister-in-law who sells it.  I have three warmers and would love more but hubby is not having it.    


I got:

  • Hawaiian Paradise.  It is one of Scentsy “Bring Back my Bar” scents, meaning it was discontinued and is no available for a limited time.  This is an amazing scent that smells like a pina colada and sunshine.  I have it in my warmer right now and I love it!
  • Watermelon Mint– This scent-of-the-month is a lovely blend of mint and watermelon.  I haven’t warmed this bar yet but in the package it smells strongly of watermellon and not so much mint.  I imagine the scents will change when warmed.
  • Havana Cabana– this was recommended to me by my sister-in-law so I decided to try it.  It smells tropical maybe like pineapple in the package. Again I have not warmed this one yet but I bet it will be amazing when warmed!