It is incredible the number of posers on Twitter! I had a very bad experience recently with a group of three people whom appeared to be very real in every way. That is, until they weren’t. Until they became aggressive, abusive and bullying. They were also bullying an alleged 10 year old girl. Until they were demanding retweets.

I even had a DM conversation with one of them. This person “confided ” with me or so I thought and then was later told when I “betrayed” them.

They duped me and several of my friends. There were many red flags.

    a person of their stature would not speak the way they did, much less harass as 10 year old girl.
    They demanded retweets in order to keep following.
    There would be the same tweet from the three and sometimes four accounts (one was for a baby) simultaneously.
    One of them was so aggressive it seemed out of character for that person, and was done in the name of protecting another one in the group.
    There were blocking campaigne initiated by this group.
    They all had the same background photo.

I’m do not want to feed the trolls so I won’t name them here and I also don’t know the legal ramifications of doing so so I will not.

I feel stupid because I wanted to believe that I was speaking to this person whom I admire. I wanted to connect with this one particular person. As, did many other twitter people who were following them.

Some continue to believe that they are the real thing. I feel sorry for them.

It is against twitter rules to impersonate someone else. In case you were not aware here’s a link.


What have I learned and what is the take away from this entry?

    If it seems too good to be true in twitter, it probably is.
    If a celebrity profile is not verified, it’s probably a fake. Don’t fall for a “Private” account of a celebrity who has a verified account or even if they don’t.
    If they become abusive or bullying report and block immediately.
    If they consistently ask for retweets in order for them to keep following you, they are likely fake. Report and block them.
    If they demand you follow someone else, report and block them.

I heard from another source which I believe now to also be fake, who told me to block the person impersonating HER that they all turned out to be one person according to a reputable source. I don’t know if that is true but I hope it is and I hope twitter takes care of these posers. And any other posers out there.

Link: twitter audit


2 thoughts on “Posers

  1. Sorry, chica. Be glad you didn’t spend any more time than you did. There are a lot of sad, attention-seeking people out there. Be grateful you are not so lonely that you need to lie about your identity to get friends.

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