Good documentaries

Yesterday I watched two documentaries. The first was Hunger for Change which talked about how you can change your body, your skin and your general health (ie cure disease) my eating simply, not processed foods. Fruits and veggies, rare animal fats and less grains. Two of the gentleman (one of them from the doc Fat, sick and Nearly Dead) talked about juice fasting. All you consume is Fresh veggie and fruit juice that you juice yourself. Everyday. And intriguing concept.

They stated that we put so many chemicals in our bodies that its all retainer in our fat cells. So when we lose weight those chemicals reenter our blood stream and then we add more chemicals and toxins on top of that so our bodies cannot detox themselves. This one guy cured his autoimmune disease and lost 92 lbs.

They also talked about how the artificial sweetener, aspartame causes neurological damage and kills brain cells. Very enlightening.

I’ve been feeling awful lately so I decided to try this juice fast just for 3 days. The juice is delicious. I put tomato, spinach, celery, an apple and carrots in it. It doesn’t fill me up for Lin however an today I’ve already finished all my juice and I don’t have access to my juicer since I am at work today.

I also learned that chia and aloe are good for you since they bind with bile salts but they do so much more. Check out this article

The Second documentary is called Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. Tells the story of two men (the first was in the first documentary) and the second was a truck driver who was 400-something lbs. he did the juice fast for 60 days and lost something like 92 lbs. and altogether lost 202 lbs. he is much healthier. Good for him.

I highly recommend these two documentaries.


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