Buddy update 9-9-13

I am not happy right now. We had an appointment for 10 am an we didn’t arrive until 10:30 due to a motor vehicle accident on the interstate. I called them to let them know I was stuck on I-4 and would be late. They said that many people are stuck in I-4, I take it that others with appointments are also late. I saw this fact in the sign in sheet when I arrived.

So I get there and they but me in a room and I talk briefly with the vet tech and then I left.

I return two hours later and Buddy is still not ready. We are waiting on blood work. Okay

I get a call at the three hour mark saying that Buddy was ready to go home. I go to the counter and am waiting for someone to acknowledge me. No one does so I sit back down and call the main line and tell them
I received a call saying my dog was ready and that in have been sitting in the waiting room for an hour.

Finally I get Buddy 20 minutes later. Then I ask of I will be speaking with the doctor and she says “No did you want to?” At this point I was beyond pissed and I said “You know what? No, I’m ready to leave.” And she looks at me like I am crazy and says “sorry for the wait. bye.” Like they just don’t care. Sickening.

A little while later the doctor himself called me and left me a message because he heard I was a little upset when I left. (God bless him.) That was nice. I’m not even upset with the doctor it’s the terrible staff and poor service I am not happy with.

It completely disgusts me with the poor level of service especially with an oncology vet! I mean people love their dogs or they wouldn’t seek cancer care for them so obviously emotions may be high there.

The receptionist there, Leah, didn’t even look ate when I came through the door only a half assed well be with you in a moment. When I stood there at the counter she saw for to walk right by me without so much as a “CAN I HELP YOU?” Then when she took my nearly $400 for the appointment she didn’t even so much as look at me once.

So Buddy’s lymph nodes are the same and there is still thickening where his anal gland used to be. There is some type of abdominal caudal mass which the doctor wrote didn’t seem painful for Buddy. So I don’t know what is up with that because the doctor didn’t talk with me. It might have been important to do so after something new like that.

The doctor stretched out rechecks out to six weeks. Only the vet office only gave us enough palladia to last 4 weeks. How do ya like that? I hope our next visit will be better. I plan in writing an email to the office manager letting her know of our experiences and poor service.

I actually found a clinical trial that trains the patients immune system to kill cancer cells by marking the cancer cells with some type of vaccine. I called to inquire about it but Buddy does not qualify because he has already been in treatment. It is in Tampa. I’m kind of sad about that.


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