Crystal Lake Memories

Crystal Lake Memories

I got my copy of Crystal Lake Memories in the mail today! I am so excited!

Even if you are not a horror movie / 80’s slasher movie fan you should get the reference to Camp Crystal Lake otherwise referred to as Camp Blood from the FRIDAY THE 13TH series of films. So yeah this is a long awaited documentary about The FT13 series brought to us by the same guys who gave us the NEVER SLEEP AGAIN Nightmare on Elm street documentary. I have high expectations for this documentary because NSA was so great!

Previewing interesting facts about Friday the 13th.

  • Betsy Palmer said that if it were not for the fact that she was in desperate need of a new car, she would never have taken the part of Pamela Voorhees. In fact, after she read the script she called the film “a piece of shit”.
  • The movie was filmed at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in New Jersey. The camp is still in operation, and it has a wall of Friday the 13th paraphernalia to honor that the movie was set there.  They refer to the film on their website. They sometimes offer private tours of the normally closed to non-boyscout public.
  • There is a township named Voorhees, New Jersey, which is about eight miles away from Haddonfield, New Jersey, which was inspiration for the fictional town where the movie Halloween took place. The documentary _Halloween: 25 Years of Terror (2006)_ shows a picture of a road sign that lists Voorhees right under Haddonfield. The township was named for Foster McGowan Voorhees, the governor of New Jersey from 1899 to 1902. The surname “Voorhees” is of Dutch heritage, and is also a common family in New Jersey.
  • Often thought of as Kevin Bacon’s first film, which it is not.  It was Diner. (1982)
  • This is the first of two films in which Jason is not the killer.  Can you name the other?
  • There is actually a Camp Crystal Lake in near Starke, Florida.
  • 48 seconds were cut from Friday the 13th part 2  by the MPAA to avoid an X rating.
  • Friday the 13th part 2 takes place five years after the first, which was set in 1979 according to Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. Meaning that this film takes place in 1984. During both summers, both the Friday the 13th’s occurred in July making this film take place exactly five years after the events of the first film.
  • Friday the 13th Part 3  was the first of the Friday the 13th films to use the hockey mask, which has been in every sequel since.
  • Friday the 13th part 3 actually Actually takes place the day after the events of Part 2, making it Saturday the 14th. While the beginning of the movie takes place on the evening of Saturday the 14th, when the store owner and his wife are killed, the majority of the movie takes place on the following day, making it Sunday the 15th.
  • Friday the 13th The Final Chapter Takes place on Sunday the 15th, the second “Friday” film to not actually take place on a Friday at all. While the beginning with the coroners takes place during the night of Sunday the 15th, the rest of the movie takes place Monday the 16th and Tuesday the 17th being the climactic night.
  • In Friday the 13th The Final Chapter ,according to Corey Feldman, the screams he made when Jason  grabbed him through the window were genuine; he was truly terrified.
  • Friday the 13th A New Beginning was written for Corey Feldman to star at Tommy Jarvis but he was working on the Goonies at the time and could not film. He had a cameo in this film.
  • This is the first film in the Friday the 13th series where Jason is actually referred to by his full name: Jason Voorhees. In Parts I & II, he is only referred to as Jason, while he is not referred to by name at all in Part III.
  • A New Beginning is the second movie in the series in which Jason is not the killer.
  • Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI was filmed in Camp Daniel Morgan, Covington, Georgia, a suburb about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta.
  • Jason lives has the highest body count (18) until Jason X which has 28.
  • Jason Lives is the first and only”Friday the 13th” film (including New Line Cinema’s three “Jason” films as well as the 2009 remake) which features absolutely no nudity, though there is a sex scene.
  • Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood was originally intended to bring Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger together onscreen for the first time. But when Paramount Pictures (at that time was holding the rights to the “Friday the 13th” franchise) and New Line Cinema (who holds the rights to the “Nightmare On Elm Street” series) couldn’t agree behind the scenes, the script was rewritten to pit Jason up against the telekinetic Tina Shepard instead.
  • Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood was the first of the series to feature stunt man Kane Hodder as Jason.
  • Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan is set in Manhattan. The prologue of the film foreshadows all the places that Jason will chase the teenagers: downtown with the gang members, the diner, the alley with the drug addicts, and the subway.
  • Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday was the first film in the series to be handled by New Line Cinema after the series was moved from Paramount after dismal box office returns from the last installment.
  • The original title of the movie was “Friday the 13th Part IX: The Dark Heart of Jason Voorhees”.
  • Jason Goes to Hell At the end, when Freddy’s glove grabs Jason’s mask, was meant to be an inside joke, referencing the fact that a screenplay putting Jason and Freddy against each other had been in the works since 1987, and had been intended to be Friday the 13th part VII. However, it took too long to come up with a good script for that film, so another film (Jason X ) was produced in the interval. Since New Line owned both properties, a joint project should have been easier to develop, but Freddy vs. Jason took several years (and sat untouched after several false starts) to come to fruition.
  • Jason X takes place in Space.
  • Jason X is the first film in the Friday the 13th series to rely on digital effects for death and gore shots. All the previous were practical effects
  • Freddy VS Jason pits New Lines Freddy Krueger  and Jason Voorhes together in battle.
  • The call letters of the news station shown on the TV in the hospital are KRGR, obviously a reference to Freddy Krueger. It is also the name of the radio station that Glenn (Johnny Depp) is listening to right before he dies in A Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • Kane Hodder did not play Jason in this film.
  • A sequel was planned but never materialized. Wildstorm did publish a six issue comic series in late 2007/ early 2008. This added “The Evil Dead”‘s Ash Williams to the mix.

I can’t wait to watch this documentary which also came with a Bonus Disk.  I have no idea what is on it.

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