Final email results

The practice manager said that she sat down with the lead Chemo tech and the front office manager and read them my email so they could see what was happening from my perspective as a customer. Then she heard their side. They said they were at the mercy of the lab, They said Buddy’s lab work was more extensive than before (CBC and a Chem 12) and they knew it would take longer. But they had some emergencies come in, (understandable) along with scheduled appointments

She addressed directly with the one receptionist,Leah and then the other receptionist who was at there (the one who told me Buddy was having chemo a while back.). She said they used my experience as a learning tool as to a client,s perception of their body language and how they need to be more careful with the information they are presenting to clients and not to be so quick with assumptions.

She went on to say that they have implemented a couple of more policies that they hope will help with communication between the front office staff and the tech’s in the back.

She mentioned that their goal is for their clients to have as positive experience as possible while there with their pets.

Well, I hope my speaking up about my experiences does not earn me the reputation of being difficult or one client they don’t want to see coming. You know what I mean?? I totally understand what it is like to see someone they just don’t want to deal with coming. I also hope that my next experience is better with them.

In fact, it actually was.  They called me to let me know that they were going to mail the extra Palladia that we needed for Buddy but there was the little matter of $84 that we needed to provide them before they would mail it.  (Like I’m never coming back to the practice and they could make me pay then).  So I called them and gave them a credit card and that went smoothly so I decided to push my luck and ask if I could make Buddy’s next appointment for October and she said “Sure.”  No hassle as to who can make an appointment, or whether I can even make an appointment., etc.  I got my appointment for October 21, 10am.  I hope not to be there until 2 pm like last time again.


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