The Faculty of Horror Podcast

I discovered a new podcast with much thanks to Rue Morgue podcast.  It’s called the Faculty of Horror.  This podcast is by two highly educated ladies Alexandrea (Twitter @scarealex) and Andrea Subissati  (Twitter: @necromadrea) is a sociologist and writer on cultural studies and the horror film genre.

This cast is different than any other podcasts on horror that i have listened to.  They speak intelligently about these films.  They “tackle all things horror with a slash of analysis and research”   They discuss themes, archetypes, cultural impact from a psychological and sociological point of view.  It’s really a fresh perspective on these films and themes.

They are only  8 episodes and the majority of them are 45 minutes or less (with the exception of the I Slaw Therefore I am  which examines   Joss Wheedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.  (they examine some of the thematic and schematic  elements of significant episodes of the series.)
So far the episodes include:


Ep 2   Valentines Day (a look at Fatal Attraction (1987) vs Fear (1996)
Ep 4   Do You Like Scary Movies?  (looks at what scares us and why)
Ep 5   I Slay Therefore I am (Buffy)
Ep 6   Ring to Rule Them All (About The Ring)

If you like horror and you like smart commentary check these ladies out.  The links above link to PodOmatic but you can also download them on iTunes.


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