Walking Dead: Isolation

In this episode

  • Rick goes ape shit
  • Carole goes all Don Corleone.

The entire prison is in isolation basically.  Baby Judith and Beth are in the room by themselves to keep from getting infected.  Glen is sick, as well as the doctor and Lizzie. They are all placed in quarantine.

In our opening scene they are digging graves for the dead.   Tyreese is really upset with people over Karen’s death.  He picks a fight first with Daryl and then with Rick and Rick goes ape shit and they beat the crap out of each other.

At the counsel meeting Hershel decides that they need to go to the veterinary college to get some antibiotics for the group to manage their symptoms (but won’t help a virus if it is a virus.)   So it is decided a party will go out to this school which is 50 miles away.  It is Daryl, Michonne Bob and Tyreese.

Meanwhile Carol goes outside the prison to unclog a pump line from the river by herself.  Suddenly she is surrounded by walkers and Rick sees her and tells her to run.  Walker massacre ensures and Carol gets back to the prison safely.

The search party makes their way toward the school in Zach’s really fast car.  Zach doesn’t need it anymore- he’s dead.   The four of them are driving along messing with the radio and they hear a voice on one of the channels.  While he is trying to tune it in, he runs into a few walkers and manages to miss them all and continues to drive but soon suddenly stopping short.  The scene opens up and we see hundreds of walkers on the road in front of them.  The walkers surround the car.  Thinking quickly, Daryl, backs up the car quickly, hitting a bunch of walkers.  There are walkers piled up under the back wheel and in an effort to get free the tire spins macerating a bunch of still moving walkers under the tire.    They must abandon the car so Bob, Michonne and Daryl jump out of the car and head for the woods massacring walkers every step of the way.  We see Tyreese sitting in the car still buckled into his seat belt.  Is he giving up.  He just doens’t move.  Bob screams for him to come on. Finally, last minute, Tyreese jumps from the car and starts killing walkers.  He gets surrounded and the group runs off.  Is that the end of Tyreese?  No, he shows up about a minute later unscathed and runs off with the group.


Carl and Hershel go out side the prison gates and Hershel collects berries.  They encounter two walkers.  They do not kill them and walk off.

Hershel, knowing he may have already been exposed decides to go into the quarantine with some elderberry tea to help with their symptoms.  Maggie objects and Hershel delivers the best lines of the episode.

“Listen, you step outside, you risk your life. You take a sip of water, you risk your life. Every moment now, you risk your life. You don’t have a choice. You can only choose what you’re risking it for. I can help them feel better. I can save lives. That’s reason enough to risk mine and you know that.” 

Maggie steps aside and lets him enter.

Rick discovers a hand print of a wall while investigating the murders of Karen and David.  He suspects Carol from the size of the hand print and seeks to to ask her what she knows.  He says to her “Did you kill Karen and David?”   She turns to him and calmly says “Yes.”   I guess Carole believed she could help the entire group by killing the two infected members to stop the spread of the illness.  Too late. I wonder what Rick will do as a result of this new knowledge?



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