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Why Screwing things up is cruical to my Well being.

Okay…  Seems counter intuitive but I can see where this may be true.

At its heart, perfectionism is rooted in feelings of shame and inadequacy.

Those of us who suffer from it are afraid that we’re not worthy of being respected and loved for our natural, unedited selves. There are many reasons why this happens, but the consequence is that we always feel the need to justify ourselves and our actions.

We also feel we must prove ourselves, over and over again; we’re never good enough just as we are.

Talk about a recipe for depression, stress, and burnout. (Well no wonder!)

A 2008 Psychology Today article titled “Pitfalls of Perfectionism” states, “[T]he biggest problem with perfection may be that it masks the real secret of success in life. Success hinges less on getting everything right than on how you handle getting things wrong.”

That is totally me.  What if I REALLY got that?? I’d be unstoppable.  I’ve been criticized most of my life mostly by my mother and of course that mother criticism is everything. My opinion of myself is basically my mothers opinion of me. It puts a pallor over all parts of my life.   Despite everything I have accomplished I still go right back to that poor opinion of me that my mother has.  Which she can’t let me forget nor stop bringing up.  It is absolutely something I have to work on.

 No, i’m not really worried about her reading this because she already knows this.   That is why we are not really speaking right now.  Read on in this interesting article.

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A comment on social media and Spoilers

No spoilers in this post.

Tonight was the midsession finale of The Walking Dead. So many things happened on the show tonight you cannot help but want to discuss. Social media of course exploded.

Someone I know made a comment about people people should be aware that not everyone watched the show on the same night it is on. This is true because I don’t watch every show on the hour or even the day it’s on. The person also said that we should not discuss it online because the show will be spoiled for them.

This statement kind of annoyed me. What happened tonight needed to be discussed. It just had to be. People who complain at others for spoiling their shoes for them should stay off the internet and social media.

I didn’t want to know about the finale of Breaking Bad because I am only mid season 4 on Netflix. I avoided social media and avoided posts and articles on Breaking bad because I JUST DONT WANT TO KNOW.

To those who complain about spoilers I saw stop making it other peoples responsibility to keep you unspoiled on your favorite show. Stay off FACEBOOK, stay off TWITTER, stay of the internet if you don’t want to know.