What do I dream about?


I dream about visiting London, Liverpool and Dublin.

I dream if returning to Germany and spending more time in a few cities and also visiting Austria.

I dream about returning to Rome and Venice.

I dream of living my life without fear.

I dream of visiting far away friends more often and really reconnecting with them. I dream of the old neighborhood.

I dream if taking a vacation twice a year instead of just a weekend here and there. I haven’t taken a good vacation since 2010.

I dream of visiting Santorini

I dream of a life with less physical and emotional pain. I do not wish for none because then I would not be human.

I dream of moving to the west coast of Florida and living a life a little closer to the beach life I adore. Or maybe just maybe living as an expatriot for a while.

I dream of losing the 15 lbs that I gained back during the last half of the year.   I like to think of it as the freshman 15.  Meaning the  15 lbs gained during my first year as an RN.  LOL

I dream of a life where I am not limited by asthma.

I dream of having a career where I can be self employed doing something I really love instead of always what it practical.

I dream of going to MegaCon and meeting David Morrissey in 2014.

I dream of:

…taking voice lesions and improving my god given talent.

…. things bothering me less.

…Of more time spent with friends

…working less and living more

…Of more life being lived

… Being a tad frivolous. (Working in that one. Lol)

… Of adopting a lovely child.

… Of being less hard in myself. And not letting my mothers negativity weigh on me like it does so often.

… Cutting toxic people out of my life. Keeping the good ones.

…Using Skype more

…. Being a better blogger.

… My dogs cancer to go away.

… Feeling more comfortable in my own skin.

… Feeling beautiful more often.


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