Buddy Update 1-18-2013

This past  Wednesday I took Buddy to the Oncology vet again.  My appointment was for 1:30 pm, later than I normally like but the day was convenient for me so I took the appointment.

I arrived, with Buddy at 1:25pm and we were not seen until 2pm.  It was quite busy there with a few dogs and cats in the waiting room but mostly people sitting waiting for their pets.  I saw a very sick cat, a gorgous husky/ malamute dog, and some just adorable big floppy eared dogs.

They took us in at 2pm and I spoke briefly with the vet tech that took Buddy.  Buddy was hesitant to go with them that day and kept trying to leave the room.  I told them he has been coughing more lately and they made note of that and took him.  She said they would draw his blood right away and estimated the time would be about 20 minutes. I left him there and went to Aldi’s to get some trash bags.  Then I went onto Pet Smart for some post vet treats for him.  I picked up some crickets for the gekko (The Gekko is a she but we call her Gordon- teens of the 80’s will understand the reference.)   and two Senior Greenies one petite for Buddy and one Regular sized one for Blue.  (we also use Greenies Pill pockets to give Buddy his Palladia and sometimes his famotidine.  I am told that Greenies are like crack to dogs. They love them but Eric thinks they are too hard to digest so I don’t give them very often.

Forty-eight minutes I get a call saying that Buddy is ready.  I arrive and wait about 20 more minutes to get Buddy back and I pay the bill.

Therapy and Expectations on the Discharge note.

  • No notable peripheral lymphadenopathy
  • previously noted Caudal abdominal mass is note noted today

Rectal exam:

  • Firm thickening at the site of previously excised left anal gland (unchanged)
  • Dorsally several enlarged lymph nodes are palpable along the roof of the pelvic canal (unchanged)

Lungs and heart auscultate clear in all fields.

Recheck CBC shows adequate counts to proceed with treatment

We return in another six weeks.  Thankfully I didn’t have to fight too much I-4 traffic on the way home!


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