Monthly Archives: February 2014

Buddy update

I asked to speak with the vet after he examined Buddy today. Everything is status quo with Buddy’s disease. It has neither gotten worse nor gotten better. The vet says Buddy is a happy dog and doing well. We should not expect the cancer to go away completely. The vet did say that his cancer could become resistant to the medication. But for now we will continue current treatment. Now I need to share this with hubby.


So Pretty and So Dark

I may have mentioned before I saw the film So Dark at the Freakshow Film Festival during Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Halloween Weekend and I thought it was really good.  I enjoyed it so much (and met the film makers) that I sought out the first short of the series So Pretty on YouTube.

The film makers are planning a third installment in this short film series.  Please contribute to their  efforts of these locally made films.   They are made in Miami and the Palm Beaches here in Florida. Yes, the train is Miami Metrorail.

Check out the films above and contribute below.

You can contribute to their fun raising efforts here