Love letter to David Morrissey

Friday March 21, 2014 today is… The first day of Mega Con. I am excited to meet Dave Morrissey today. I brought my governor action figure to be autographed.

Dave looked gorgeous today. He wore his famous glasses today as well as a white grey and black checkered shirt. I paid my money and walked up to him looking in awe. He looked up said “hi!” And he looked at my shirt and said “ah I loouve it!l in that beautiful Liverpool accent. I was wearing the “Not my Governor” tank top. I said “thank you.”

Immediately after I told him I was a MorrisseyGirl and his face lot up with a smile and he said “oh yeah? Great!” He then showed me a teddy near the other Morrissey Girls in attendance had given him, he explained. We talked about Michelle, Madeline and Heather and then Vikki. (How she was going to be a grandmother soon). It was a lovely exchange in my opinion and I was just thrilled to be talking to him. He’s so handsome both on screen and in real life. And his voice was just as wonderful in real life as it is on screen. There is nothing lost in translation!

Eric took multiple pictures while our exchange was going on. I am thrilled to have those pictures even though you can only see the back of my head. The main attraction is Dave anyway! Him and his gorgeous smile.

March 22, 2014
Today is…the second day of MegaCon. Today is my photo op with Dave. 12:30 pm. I barely made it the traffic was so bad getting in there MegaCon was packed!! Wall to wall people

I met another MorrisseyGirl Dave’s photo op line. Her name was Maryann. We chatted all about Dave while we waited for our turn to get our pic. Dave wore a green Hurley t shirt with A wide open button down short. He looked awesome. Not shaven of course. He looks great either way shaven or not. 🙂

I took my turn and took my place next to Dave. His arm around me and mine around him for that brief moment. It was nice I have to say. All 20 seconds of it. I was told by the lady organizing us that he smelled great but I can’t remember what he smelled like!! Boo!!! I was too nervous to sneak a sniff I guess. Lol.

I tweeted Dave earlier in the am asking if after the walking dead panel he would be willing to take a group photo with Michelle, Heather, Madeline and myself.

He tweeted back “yep, it’s a pretty full day for me but if I have time, no worries.”

The Walking dead panel was such a cluster. I couldn’t find the end of the line and kind of jus ended up blending in in the 7 deep crowd that passed for a line. They opened all the doors at once and people poured in like water in a flood zone. So disorganized and stressful. But I was happy to be inside at any rate. Unfortunately some of the Morrissey girls didn’t make it in. 😦 Boo!

The panel consisted of Dave, Danai,(Michonne) Emily Kinney (Beth) , Steven Yeun (Glen) and soniqua Martin Greene (Sasha) ( know I butchered her name, sorry.) The panel was great. Lots of interesting answers given. The ladies all looked beautiful. But then Danai and Soniqua are both beautiful ladies.

Dave was his usual brilliant self when he answered the questions asked of him and he had many. I recorded part of one of his answers so I could take that voice with me. Lol. I promise I don’t mean that in a creepy way. I’m a nice girl.

So Met up with the girls a little while after I picked up my picture to see if we could get a pic with Dave. The volunteer said his line was capped because it was late in the day and almost closing time. We kind of hung around and converged on the volunteer when his line had about 2-3 people left in it. We waved to get his attention and some type of event or talent manager approached us and we told her Dave was expecting us. She walked up to Dave, said something to him and he looked up and waved us over. :).

He greeted us and came over for the picture. The manager lady took the picture for us. I then said “Dave we have something for you. ” I think he said “you do?” Or something like that.
I gave him the Picture we had taken the day before with the four of is. Madeline wasn’t there unfortunately.

We decided earlier in the day to Autograph the picture. We did so and put our twitter handles underneath our autographs. Lol. He liked it.

Eric and I did some other stuff that day and then went home around 11pm.

Sunday March 23, 2014

Today is… The last day of MegaCon.

The plan was to see Wil Wheatons Q&A , do Wils photo op and then get my Photo op with Dave signed by Dave. There was a slight SNAFU. I forgot my picture at home. After some finagling I was able to buy a reprint.

Last thing before leaving we got in Dave’s line which went fast. I paid my money and stepped up to Dave. He looked up and he looked up and recognized me!! Eric said that he said “oh it’s you again!” (Not in a negative way) and he smiled.

I introduced him to Eric and Dave introduced himself to him saying “I’m David Morrissey of the Morrissey girls.” Lol! I don’t remember if I said anything else to Dave after that because Esther Freud, his wife, caught my eye because she was there.

I looked to her and said. “Hi! I’m reading Love Falls right now” I extended my hand and we shook and I said “so nice to meet you.”

“Are you one of the Morrissey girls? ” I told her yes. She said something about competing with something and I didn’t quite catch it. She seems to be a lovely lady though.

Dave and Eric talked Liverpool while I had my exchange with Esther I am told. He told me later Dave gave him a pat on the back after they talked about Liverpool. Lol.

Dave Morrissey is such a doll and he’s so gracious and handsome. He is a very talented actor and He is a genuinely nice guy. I so enjoyed meeting him.



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