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Southwest still sucks!!

Yet another problem southwest. When we finally reached Baltimore we upgraded to upgraded boarding and received position 2 + 3 when they scanned our boarding pass there was a problem and we couldn’t get on the damn plane. We upgraded for a reason and now that is useless!! They are telling is that we’ve flown already!! Yeah, that’s why we are still
Sitting in the airport waiting for a
Flight that wad four hours late!! This is not what we want to hear at 12:25 am after a four hour layover. We are beyond unhappy!! We upgraded so we could sit together now the entire flight is boarding and we are not yet on it!!


Southwest sucks *update*

Message from customer service at Southwest on FAcebook

I apologize for your frustration with the reaccommodation and your new boarding position on the second flight. When we have to change Passengers to other flights due to irregular operations we assign them the first available boarding position. Oftentimes Passengers who have purchased that flight and checked in will have higher positions. We don’t feel using preboarding is a fair option for reaccommodated Passengers because it is designed to ensure our Passengers with seating needs due to disabilities are comfortable. I apologize you were unhappy with the information given to you at the station as well as over the phone.
I was glad to hear you were offered $75 LUV vouchers for your trouble. Have a great day.

So in other words to damn bad. Never again will I fly southwest. There are more options out there with slightly better service.

And now this.


Southwest Airlines you suck

Southwest Airlines have become one of the worst airlines from out of control flight attendants to extra large people cramming into seats next to you instead of enforcing the must purchase an extra seat rule. A real winning airline I have to say!

I had a terrible customer service experience with Southwest. We were flying home from Manchester and I received a text that my flight was delayed by one hour. That meant we would miss our connecting flight in Baltimore. We were good little flyers and checked in as we should and got A boarding.

They changed our flights to nearly one hour later. And then told us we have C boarding. We explained that it was not our fault that our flight was changed and they should at least give us pre boarding so my husband and I could sit together.

The attendant on south west customer service refused to do anything for us. We asked for A boarding, they wouldn’t do that, we asked for pre boarding, they wouldn’t do that, asked for upgrade (complimentary) to business select they refused to do that.

We got a supervisor, Gilbert who also refused to do anything for us. My husband said to him “we will never fly your airline again” and Gilbert told him that it’s his (my husbands) decision. Nice. Really give a crap about your employer huh Gilbert?

I called back and a kind agent Alan, suggested I call customer relations. So I did just that.

After waiting for 15 minutes on hold with customer relations, I spoke with Demetrius who told us he could not alter our boarding position from his office and said the gate agent could alter the boarding time at the gate. Of course we were told that before but it is at the gate agents discretion. Well that’s nice. So if the gate agent is having a bad day or just doesn’t want to help we won’t get any help at all.

The airline offered vouchers for $75 off our next flight. We just doesn’t help us now but I said send them. And if I can talk my husband into flying southwest again we would definitely use them.

So now we may not be able to sit together. In addition, this flight brings us in two hours after our original flight and I have to be up at five am for work. I’m a nurse and an over tired nurse is not a good thing.

Southwest and all of the domestic airlines please examine the service that the international airlines give their customers. The level of customer service they provide.

I mean, REALLY Southwest! When will you stop sucking?