Southwest sucks *update*

Message from customer service at Southwest on FAcebook

I apologize for your frustration with the reaccommodation and your new boarding position on the second flight. When we have to change Passengers to other flights due to irregular operations we assign them the first available boarding position. Oftentimes Passengers who have purchased that flight and checked in will have higher positions. We don’t feel using preboarding is a fair option for reaccommodated Passengers because it is designed to ensure our Passengers with seating needs due to disabilities are comfortable. I apologize you were unhappy with the information given to you at the station as well as over the phone.
I was glad to hear you were offered $75 LUV vouchers for your trouble. Have a great day.

So in other words to damn bad. Never again will I fly southwest. There are more options out there with slightly better service.

And now this.



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