The Diva Cup -first time use.

Last time I had my cycle I ordered the Diva cup. I wanted to get off the buying feminine product treadmill once and for all.  

Today is the first day of my current cycle. Fairly heavy so I located my Diva cup in its cute little draw string bag  

I decided to try my insert in the shower figuring water may ease insertion. The instructions state that you should fold into itself to make a smaller area to insert. I did that. It went in okay but the stem could still be felt outside so I pushed attempted to push it in further. It felt very weird and I could feel it like using too big a tampax for the amount of flow.  It was so obvious it was there sill. Because it is designed to sit lower in the vaginal canal,  I wondered if it was supposed to be felt. (Tampons if inserted correctly should not be felt and they generally sit higher in the canal closer to the cervix.)

Thankfully, after about 10 minutes I could no longer feel it.  So Yay.  I threw on a back up panty liner and loaded my purse with an appropriate sized tampon just in case. 

The Days Result:

I wore it about 10 hours (you can wear it up to 12 hours).  At first it was difficult to get out but then I remember reading about how you should bear down to make removal easier and it really did make it much easier. 

I emptied it into the toilet and then washed it with Diva Wash which is an all natural cleanser. (I ordered it with my Diva Cup. )  I then put it back in for the night.

No leaks!!! Remarkable. I am very happy with this.  


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