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The Atlas Collection is now LIVE!!!

Atlas collection collage

A captivating extension of our “A Nordic Tale”  collection, these pieces recall the natural phenomena + legendary folklore of the village Vik,off coastal Iceland. Mystic  semi-precious rock crystals call upon the region’s pristine glacial valleys, while bold jet black stones speak to the breathtaking volcanic sands. Set in faceted geometric shapes + angles inspired by sleek Scandinavian design, add a touch of instant cool to your look with these modern, on-trend treasures!

It’s Pinktober!!

We are currently running a campaign for Pinktober! Sparkle for a Cause. It is to promote Breast Cancer Awareness.  10% of all sales from this select group of pieces go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. They are some pretty pieces and some of them are a lovely shade of pink. I ordered this one.

So pretty right???  There are other gorgeous pieces to be had.  Please click the link above and take a look!

OR you can see the Event on FACEBOOK HERE

Do You LOVE jewerly??

I have recently started selling Beautiful jewelry though a direct sales company called Chloe + Isabel.   They have some amazing pieces.  Rings necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories and they are priced from  $22-$188.  Not too bad.

Take a look at my boutique online HERE. 

See what can be yours!!

B220 E239_flip N268 N269 R067-aCI warrentee2

These pieces are my favorite pieces so far.  Click on any picture to get to my boutique!!!  Be my first October Sale!!