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Front Street Station – Greenport, New York. 

This restaurant looked promising when we arrived. The tables inside were in a solarium type area and the bar area was an old train car.
We were served by a friendly server who’s name I do not recall. They bring a little corn bread loaf and some seeded crackers and a plate of real butter to the table for bread. 
We each had a class of local wine, Raphael savingon blanc which was great. I ordered Chicken francese with a baked potato and a veggie. My husband had the boiled fisherman’s platter. He enjoyed that. 

We went to Flavors to have ice cream after and then hit the Greenport theater to see Ted 2. After my husband felt terrible with a headache and nausea. When we returned to our b&b he vomited and felt better. Food poisoning? Maybe so

My meal was with a baked potato and spinach. I do not like cooked spinach at all. The chicken sauce (butter, capers and lemon) was very tart! More tart than I have ever had with chicken francese. Disappointing

That was my review on yelp.  What ensued after that review was posted  was some messages from the owner. The first was on yelp:

I sent her a private email

I also saw your reply to yelp. I am indeed a medical professional. I have seen enough cases of food poisoning to know. I am a nurse. You chose to personally insult me and that is extremely unprofessional. This had nothing to do with wine earlier in the day or the food at the B&B which was continental. 

I had no problem with the bread. It was enjoyable. You think you are doing people a favor by including a salad and a potato? Please, that is the norm where we are from. So I didn’t like the spinach? I was not informed that the vegetable was going to be spinach. Had I been informed I would have asked for something different. But I was not informed!  
Yes my dish was tart. I have had this dish several times before and it was never as tart as this dish particular meal was. I didn’t feel the need to complain about that not the spinach. 
For your information we did not eat at the movies.  
I hope you will think before going off on another reviewer on help like you did to me and others. Yelp is a place for OPINIONS and I am very sorry you didn’t like mine

To which she replied, 

I chose to point out that you threw out accusations for which you had no proof or basis. If you are indeed a medical professional then you should know the symptoms of good poisoning present themselves from an hour to 14 days after. So I am to assume that you are nothing else, anywhere else that day or the two weeks prior? Also if you truly know the signs as you say, then you certainly would have notified us immediately to let us know that there was an issue, to see if any other diners had reported any illness, and lastly to possibly keep someone else from getting sick, if it was our food, which I assure you it was not. I do not know what they do where you are from, but you were dining in Greenport, not where you are from. There are very few if any restaurants in the area that are not ala carte, so it is an extra here. Not a ‘favor’ as you put it, but not the norm. With regard to the spinach, we plate our entrees with various vegetables according to season or market. All you had to do was express that you did not care for it and you would have been accommodated. You say the spinach and bread were not a problem, yet on Yelp they seemed to be very important. When diners do not address their concerns to their server and/or owner while dining then go to a review site to give their ‘opinion’ I have very little tolerance. You do not give people a chance to rectify something and then complain afterward. I was not unprofessional, I did not personally insult you, I merely stated that you review did not seem very fine tuned as far as content and spelling. Your review was exactly that, an opinion, throwing accusations of food poisoning around with absolutely no basis of fact. If the fact that I take that as a personal affront and insult I really do not know what to say, except that I will defend myself and my business when I am unfairly blamed for something. Again I am truly sorry that your husband took ill on your vacation, but you are off base by blaming Front Street and certainly out of line by publicly suggesting such with no facts, physicians diagnosis, etc. 

I have never delt with having to report food poisoning before so I didn’t even know.  This women was very unprofessional in my opinion.  

She replied once again after I let her know my review was staying on yelp.  

You can write whatever you like. Anyone who owns a business would and should be offended by a consumer that suggests that there was a possibility of food poisoning on a public site without 1. Any documented proof it was indeed food poisoning and 2. It is not just an opinion it is a personal affront because you say ‘maybe’ : no one is reading maybe after food poisoning on a public review site. You know that as well as I do. You don’t mention maybe it was from anywhere else you frequented that day. So you singled out Front Street with no factual basis or proof and then wonder why one takes it personally. If you didn’t like it here, fine. You never expressed that to you waiter, which is your own fault. But to insinuate on any level that ‘maybe’ your husband was made I’ll crosses the line. 

So in her eyes, me the consumer, was wrong and she was offended.  She had gone off on other negative reviewers as well.  

If you are in Greenport , Long Island, New York I cannot reccommend this restaurant for dinner.  There aremany others available in that town.


The Wave

Just before Christmas my husband and I decided to do the monorail circuit on the Seven Seas Lagoon and visit the three resorts on it and see their Christmas decorations.  Disney always does it up really beautifully.

We made a reservation for The Wave at the Contemporary resort for 7:40 pm.  We arrived very early and decided to board the monorail and go to the Polynesian resort to see the decorations.  You can actually board the monorail inside of the Contemporary resort which I still think is pretty cool.  The seven seas lagoon monorail circuit has stops at the Contemporary Resort, The Ticketing and Transportation area, the Polynesian Resort and The Grand Floridian Hotel and Resort.  The monorail has availability to EPCOT at the ticketing and transportation center where you can board a monorail for EPCOT.

From the monorail deck (4th floor) at The Contemporary Resort.



We arrived at the Polynesian resort and it was lovely.  Christmas trees among the lush Polynesian gardens which inhabit the hotel.  WE had our picture taken with Surfer Minnie and Mickey  So cute.  After we went out to the lagoon beach, it was a bit chilly, and they were showing Lilo and Stitch on a blow up screen out on the beach.  After we took the monorail all the way back around to The Contemporary Hotel where we got off and headed to dinner at The Wave.


The Wave at the Contemporary Resort.


We got a lovely table for two in the first third of the restaurant and were given a food menu, a drink menu and a wine list.  My husband  chose some type of local draft Beer and I chose a Wavesicle.   (4 Orange Vodka, Cointreau, and Nonfat Yogurt with a splash of Orange Juice) Which was delicious.

With his dinner my husband has  Cobb salad and for his entree he had the  Gremolata-crusted Ashley Farms naturally Raised Chicken Breast.  I had the dry rubbed Flat Iron Steak with Potato leek Gratin and winter veggies.  Both were delicious. I recommend my steak for sure.


The service was good although we had two servers because one was being trained.  I thought the one being trained was better than the one doing the training.  The trainer had some snarky stuff to say to us regarding his trainee.  I didn’t like that but let it go.

The Wave is a moderately priced Disney restaurant (compare to The newly renovated California grille where I have eaten twice and hope to eat at again one day,) with entrees from $15 to $29.95 for each adult.  Drinks are Disney expensive.

The Wave Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week.  I highly recommend The Wave as a great place to eat.



Rice Flower

This was an amazing experience.  We went for my birthday this past weekend.  We had a 7pm reservation and we arrived slightly early and decided to sit in the lounge area.  No sooner had we ordered Sake, our grill table was ready.

Our Chef was Cyrill and was funny, high energy and entertaining.  Our waitress was lovely and high energy as well.  The show was a lot of fun!  The food was amazing.  I had an egg Sashimi for an appetizer and my husband and I had the Chef Special which was chicken and Filet minion for two.  It came with a delicious onion soup and a salad with ginger salad dressing.  The filet melted in your mouth as did the chicken.

At the end of the meal they brought us ice cream and mine had a candle and whipped cream on it.  They sang happy birthday to me and  then sang something in Japanese.  it was a riot.

I highly recommend this place.  It’s good for couples, families, and groups.  It is a bit pricy but worth it.  They have happy hour as well with some good specials and a sushi bar in the lounge.  Worth at least one visit.  Call for a reservation!  We plan to go back many times.

Looks yummy, doesn’t it?

Food Truck Bazaar

Hubby and I hit the food Kissimmee truck bazaar last night.  When we arrived around 6 pm, we took a tour of all the trucks before stopping at any of them. There were less trucks there than usual probably due to the rain. Some of our favorites were there, Big wheel Food Truck (Twitter:@BigWheelTruck), Yum Yum (Twitter:@yumyumtruck_fl), The Crepe Company (Twitter: TheCrepeCompany) and Taste Buds. (Twitter: @tastebuds4you). We took a full tour of all the trucks then met up with some friends there. They intended to gather food and take it back to her house to eat it due to the rain.

What we ate:

First stop was the beer cart where Yuengling was available so we got one.

Then it was onto Bollywood BBQ (Twitter: @bollywoodbbq) for some Beef samosas. We got three. (they were small). The were some triangle shaped puff pastries with curry spiced beef inside. They were were served with two types of sauce, one sweet and one was cilantro / avocado based sauce and more savory. They were delicious! I spied some Tandoori chicken on the menu and vowed to return to try that.

Our next stop was Melissa’s Chicken and Waffles. (Twitter: @melissaswaffles) We had an amazing Chicken and waffle sandwich. It was a warm fluffy huge waffle with batter fried chicken pieces with a lovely white gravy (think biscuits and gravy, gravy). You fold it together and take a bite! Delight! I would get that again.

Next up was Treasure Island Treats- Carribbean cuisine and deserts- (Twitter: @PiratezParadise) where we ordered one Jamaican Beef Patty. It was amazing!  Beefy Cheesy Goodness.  The only bad thing about this truck was that the wait was long.  Too long in my opinion.  I believe they are a new truck and probably haven’t worked out all the kinks yet.  We will try them again for sure.

After that I returned to Bollywood BBQ for that Tandoori chicken on Naan bread.  I was expecting a taste of Nirvana but  was disappointed. The chicken was seasoned well but was dry and a bit cold.  It was served with the same sauce as the above mentioned samosas.  Maybe I just don’t understand Indian Cuisine but I’ve had Tandoori chicken before and it was better than this.

Our last stop was at the Crepe Company (Twitter: @TheCrepeCompany) for some amazing dessert crepes.  We’ve been to this cart before.  We ordered a Nutella Crêpe and Smores Crêpe.  Both were AMAZING!!  Sweet melty , chocolatey goodness!  I hightly recommend this cart!!

What to expect from a food Truck Bazaar. (from the

1. Think tailgating: bring your own chairs + tables + tents
2. Expect long lines.
3. Some trucks will run out of food.
4. Expect loud generators on most trucks.
5. Most trucks take credit cards.