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A comment on social media and Spoilers

No spoilers in this post.

Tonight was the midsession finale of The Walking Dead. So many things happened on the show tonight you cannot help but want to discuss. Social media of course exploded.

Someone I know made a comment about people people should be aware that not everyone watched the show on the same night it is on. This is true because I don’t watch every show on the hour or even the day it’s on. The person also said that we should not discuss it online because the show will be spoiled for them.

This statement kind of annoyed me. What happened tonight needed to be discussed. It just had to be. People who complain at others for spoiling their shoes for them should stay off the internet and social media.

I didn’t want to know about the finale of Breaking Bad because I am only mid season 4 on Netflix. I avoided social media and avoided posts and articles on Breaking bad because I JUST DONT WANT TO KNOW.

To those who complain about spoilers I saw stop making it other peoples responsibility to keep you unspoiled on your favorite show. Stay off FACEBOOK, stay off TWITTER, stay of the internet if you don’t want to know.


Social media and employment now and in the future

What you say online in social media can be problematic for your future.  We should all take heed and watch what we say.  Read on…..

Your Future Boss Knows What you Did Last Summer:  It’s Online




It is incredible the number of posers on Twitter! I had a very bad experience recently with a group of three people whom appeared to be very real in every way. That is, until they weren’t. Until they became aggressive, abusive and bullying. They were also bullying an alleged 10 year old girl. Until they were demanding retweets.

I even had a DM conversation with one of them. This person “confided ” with me or so I thought and then was later told when I “betrayed” them.

They duped me and several of my friends. There were many red flags.

    a person of their stature would not speak the way they did, much less harass as 10 year old girl.
    They demanded retweets in order to keep following.
    There would be the same tweet from the three and sometimes four accounts (one was for a baby) simultaneously.
    One of them was so aggressive it seemed out of character for that person, and was done in the name of protecting another one in the group.
    There were blocking campaigne initiated by this group.
    They all had the same background photo.

I’m do not want to feed the trolls so I won’t name them here and I also don’t know the legal ramifications of doing so so I will not.

I feel stupid because I wanted to believe that I was speaking to this person whom I admire. I wanted to connect with this one particular person. As, did many other twitter people who were following them.

Some continue to believe that they are the real thing. I feel sorry for them.

It is against twitter rules to impersonate someone else. In case you were not aware here’s a link.


What have I learned and what is the take away from this entry?

    If it seems too good to be true in twitter, it probably is.
    If a celebrity profile is not verified, it’s probably a fake. Don’t fall for a “Private” account of a celebrity who has a verified account or even if they don’t.
    If they become abusive or bullying report and block immediately.
    If they consistently ask for retweets in order for them to keep following you, they are likely fake. Report and block them.
    If they demand you follow someone else, report and block them.

I heard from another source which I believe now to also be fake, who told me to block the person impersonating HER that they all turned out to be one person according to a reputable source. I don’t know if that is true but I hope it is and I hope twitter takes care of these posers. And any other posers out there.

Link: twitter audit

Staying Alive!!

In honor of my Basic Life Support for Healthcare providers class today.

For the layperson, Remember hands only CPR! Don’t worry about the breath! The compression will allow air to enter the lungs with their natural recoil. Remember to press hard and fast! At least 100 compressions per minute.

You may save a life!

What this funny video that teaches CPR.


Can facebook get you fired?

What you post on Facebook can get you fired. It seems that the constitution only protects your free speech from governmental interference but in the private sector however it is management discretion of what is protected. Which means next to nothing. Read this article.

Even just “liking” the wrong thing can get u fired so I find out. Apparently the rationale for this is if you like something it must be your opinion. Check out this article:

This is especially true if you associate yourself with your employer. Apparently what you say can be construed as representative of your employer and they can fire you for your statements especially ones that are separating to your company or boss.

There also is no law against rejecting a prospective employee for the content of their Facebook page, statements pictures and all. It’s still a major gray area.

Are you free to complain about work online? Sure. Can you be fired for it? Yes but it depends on what you say and how your boss accesses that information. Check out this article:

Many companies are adopting Social Media Policies already.

Social media dos and dont’s:


    Make sure your Facebook page is clean before a job interview.

    Use common sense. Remember web pages can be achieved and ask yourself “do I really want this comment to be forever associated with me in cyberspace?

    Do use FB privacy settings. CHECK THEM OFTEN. FB is forever changing their privacy settings and what was once for friends can now be for the general public overnight. Encourage your friends to use the privacy settings wisely.

    Use discretion when connecting with people. Verify friend or follower requests. Know who you are sharing your information with.

Social media dont’s :

    Don’t friend your boss, but if you do keep the page PG. all to often people are “friends” with their boss on FB and it could bite them in the butt later. So even of you think your boss is cool Don’t friend them. You may regret it

    Don’t lie to your boss and then post evidence to the contrary on your Facebook page. I have know. People to call in sick to work and post pictures of what they did that day on their Facebook page. Uh, duh!

    Don’t use sexually explicit or potentially harassing language when talking about co-workers.

    Don’t bad mouth your company on a work computer or company issued mobile phone. How about don’t bad mouth your company online at all.

    Don’t associate your FB profile with your employer. BAD IDEA. Don’t “check in” to your job. You will become associated with your employer.

    Don’t tag people in private pictures because all of their friends can see the pictures as well. In that same vein, don’t let unflattering photographs be tagged. You can untag any photo you are tagged in.

    Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want the general public to see. FB is always changing privacy settings and what was once private or for Friends Only can become public overnight. Filter or eliminate your exhibitionist friends who do not use privacy settings. If they don’t care about their privacy they probably won’t care about yours either.

I have my privacy settings pretty tight. I do a lot of filtering with people I do not know well and frequently with co-workers that I do not trust. I try really hard not to post pics that are unflattering of me or my friends.

This information also goes for twitter, and the nearly defunct mySpace (does anyone use that anymore?)

Has social networking made us antisocial

Antisocial as defined by the dictionary (among other definitions) is opposed to or detrimental to social order or principals on which society is constituted. Or pertaining to a pattern of behavior in which social norms and the rights of others are persists fly violated.

This article talks about the anxiety that people get from social networking.

It’s very true. I have been a victim to comparing my self and my life to what I see on Facebook (my friends there). And it is just not good for self esteem. Too much keeping up with the Jones and making your life seem fun and interesting. It’s hard work but I’ve stopped doing it. If people do not find me interesting thats their problem.

Social networking makes us feel as if we have hundreds of friends when in reality, most of us do not have hundreds of friends. My “friends list” consists of co-workers (some of which I wouldn’t trust with my life), “friends” from high school some of which I barely spoke to or they barely spoke to me while in said high school. Now we are all best of friends. Ridiculous. We would like to think so wouldn’t we?

My next major group of friends is people I actually know in real life. Some people in this group encompasses people in the other groups but I know them all. I have four people as “friends” that I have never met in person per say but have met online through a blog, a chat room (does anyone really use a chat room anymore?) or through a close friend. (and many times they are filtered out of some posts) A few of that last group I have known for years And some I have actually gone on to meet in real life and I am so glad I did! I am happy to call them friends!

I used to worry if I wasn’t tagged in a post and would feel left out. But lately I am glad to be left out of these posts because I don’t need nor want the drama.

Remember the bad old days when bullying was done face to face in the street or at the bus stop or even in the halls at school. You could face your bully. Now kids (and not just gay kids) are killing themselves because bullies are now “cyber bullying.” (or psychological bullying) It’s getting way out of hand and needs to be persecuted. However, even with states with bullying laws many don’t have laws that apply to cyber bullying only cyber harassment. And rarely do they include off campus behavior. it’s tough enough to be a kid these days….

Don’t get me wrong, I think FB is a valuable tool in this day and age to keep in contact with old friends, share pictures and get support (if u get in a support group or same interest group) I probably wouldn’t know what is going on with half my friends or see as many pictures of vacations or new babies or weddings etc.

However, FB can also be a source of drama, and a political mine field. Several times I have gotten into debates with friends of friends who have different political viewpoints than mine (mainly immigration and healthcare) on FB and it can get nasty. I’m trying very hard not to do that anymore because it doesn’t make me feel good to be told that I am wrong in someone else’s opinion. Because I think they are wrong as well. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve gotten into pissing matches with tools that post horrible things on animal activism posts just (them) to be a contrary fool.

In someways not only Facebook but also technology has really become a tool for communication. My phone rarely rings anymore and I haven’t received a letter from a friend since the late 90’s. Gone is the art of putting pen to paper- now its fingers to keyboard. Even I am guilty of this. People don’t even send paper invitations anymore it’s all done on Facebook or Evite. Some real Life friends I have I can’t get in touch with them except through Facebook because they rarely look at their phones. It can be a bit frustrating when trying to make plans. Such is life, I guess.

I long for simpler times. I miss the days of letters and phone calls. I miss getting invitations in the mail for parties. I used to write people letters all the time when I was much younger before the mainstreaming of email. I kept in touch with friends for years this way.

Remember the days of writing notes, folding them up in creative ways and passing them to your friends in the hallways of school? I do, that made school much more fun. I even had one friend that I kept a notebook with and we would write each other notes in it and pass it back and forth throughout the day for weeks and weeks. I still have some of those pages and they bring back great memories.


Does money influence social behavior

I read this article today about the Money-Empathy gap. Apparently, there was a study done at UC Berkley on this very subject. Does money make us less empathetic, have less compassion, act less ethically be less humane? Give the article a look.

Paul Piff, the scientist who conducted this experiment mentioned in the article published a paper called “Higher Social Class Predicts Increased Unethical Behavior” He found that living higher on the socioeconomic ladder can “dehumanize” people. He states that ” the rich are more likely to prioritize their own self interests Above the interests of others..”

He also poses the question “how does living in an environment defined by individual achievement- measures by money, privilege, and status- alter a persons mental machinery to the point where he begins to see people around him only as aides or obstacles to his own ambitions?”. An interesting question to say the least. What are your thought in that quote?

He states that Americans across the board can have a high tolerance for inequity if they believe it is meritocratic. ( a system of government or other administration (such as business administration) wherein appointments and responsibilities are objectively assigned to individuals based upon their “merits”, namely intelligence, credentials, and education). Do you think this is true? I think it is. Perhaps people may feel if you are uneducated or not so smart that you don’t deserve equal consideration.

The top 20% of Americans 86% of the countries wealth and the bottom
80% split the rest. So 80% of the people of the united states split 14% of the wealth. Staggering.

Another researcher in this article says that money can make you antisocial.

Seriously give this article a read.