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Chloe + Isabel Jewlery Styles- Bracelets


Wrap- bracelet that wraps around
the wrist more than once.


Cuff- Hard open back Bracelet.




bangle or cuff bracelets with
hinge mechanism to open + close


bracelet featuring elastic for an adjustable fit


bracelet that is fle xible around
the wrist + requires a closure



A bracelet that has a bar into loop closure.



hard bracelet that slides over
the hand + has no opening

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Bead Love (Charm Bracelet Shopping?)

I was walking for exercise the other day in a large local shopping center when I happened upon a jewelry store called Zales. In their window they advertized for the Personal Bean Collection Charm Bracelet. This really got me thinking about charm bracelets and the different companies and jewelry stores that sell them. And there are many of them but I will cover just four of them



Zales I discovered yesterday, also sells and exclusive line of charm bracelets called Persona. These are similar to Pandora as are most of the companies charm bracelets. Their bracelets come in rope (available in a rainbow of colors) and sterling silver. No gold apparently, upon further inspection of their website. The bracelets range from $55 to $65. Zales and Persona offer Dangle, Crystal, Enameled, natural silver, Italian glass, Brazilian Agate, Shell Pearl, and 18 carat cold overlay beads. The beads range from $25 to $50. Persona appears to have some cute affordable stuff.

Charmed Memories

I am not a fan of Kay jewelers because of some bad service I got at one of the local stores. They do however have a charm bracelet line called Charmed Memories.

Charmed memories offers Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings just as Pandora does. Their Bracelets range from Rope (in 4 color, black, brown, navy and Pink) to Sterling silver with various clasp availability on the sterling silver bracelets t They offer a vast array of beads such as Murano glass, Swarovski crystal, Enameled, sterling silver and Hello Kitty. If you are a fan of Jane Seymour’s Open hearts collection they offer beads from that line as well. They beads range from $20 to $60. They also offer “timed beads” (watch faces that keep time) for $99.

Chamed memories seems to offer a good selection of charms. This line, however is not good if you favor gold.



I am a Pandora girl myself. I love to add charms for the different occasions in my life. The Bracelets themselves come in rope (many colors), Sterling silver and Gold. They range in price from $20 to $1650. The Beads come in Sterling silver, Sterling Silver with Gold, Gold Charms, Enameled beads, Wooden Beads and Murano glass beads. They also have dangles and alphabet charms. The beads range from $35 to $845 I love the Murano glass beads, they are so beautiful. I personally have a sterling silver chain (i prefer the look of silver to gold) with a few Murano beads and some sterling silver beads and one spacer. The Murano glass beads are supposedly from the Murano glass factory in Venice. I suppose that is probably true. Doesn’t matter because they are beautiful. I love my bracelet.

Pandora also makes rings, earrings and necklaces which are equally beautiful. They are available at Jared Stores and online from the Pandora website.



Hallmark stores offer the DaVinci bead line. This line had bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. The bracelets appear to be offered in only silver (they don’t specify sterling, silvertone or silver but at these prices probably silvertone) and offers two types of bracelets: bangles and clasp type (lobster claw and toggle closures). These range in price from $9.99 to $12.99. The line offers beads in silver, with birthstones, cubic zirconia, enamel, two tone (gold tone/silver), art glass, fimo (clay) and natural stone, and foil glass beads. It does appear from the website that each charm is $6.99.

The affordable cost of this line seems like it would make a good starter bracelet for a tween or teen. Or a great source of costume jewelry for those not wanting to pay the higher prices of the jewelry store